News: 2020 Honda Valkyrie Rune 1800 to be unveiled by Honda Japan

 News: 2020 Honda Valkyrie Rune 1800 to be unveiled by Honda Japan

The next-gen 2020 Valkyrie 1800 is to be unveiled by Honda Japan. 2020 Valkyrie comes with advance tech although it looks like an earlier model with superior comfort and agility.

For eg, the headlamp looks similar to the 2005 model however for this 2020 Valkyrie it has a modern look and it is polished.

2020 Valkyrie uses the same Goldwing engine capable to produce 98 horsepower and torque of 146Nm. The fuel tank is 20 liters. Front forks are used from 2018 Goldwing and have ABS implemented on the rear and front wheel.

What does it get?

  • Electrically adjustable suspension system.
  • Equipped with 2-channel ABS powered by D-CBS technology.
  • Smartkey smart key. 
  • Cruise Control.
  • Apple Carplay integration.
  • Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Hill Start Assist (HSA) 
  • High-end audio entertainment system.
  • Seat heating.
  • Stop temporary engine shutdown.
  • The suspension system has a new double brace design.
  • Showa brand shock absorbers.
  • Torque Control Technology Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC).
  • Weighs 365 kgs and
  • Uses DCT gearbox has a walking mode that has a speed of 1.8 km / h and reverse of 1.2 km / h

It will be officially announced at the coming Tokyo Motor Show. Price still remains uknown.

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