News: 2020 Yamaha MT-25 / MT-03 officially announced.Price, Specs and Release date in USA and Japan.

 News: 2020 Yamaha MT-25 / MT-03 officially announced.Price, Specs and Release date in USA and Japan.

Yamaha has announced there 2020 lineup of MT-25 / MT-03.

Specifications of 2020 MT-25 / MT-03


  • Total length: 2,090mm
  • Full width: 755mm
  • Overall height: 1,071mm [ 1,070mm ]
  • Wheelbase: 1,380mm
  • Seat height: 780mm
  • Weight: 165kg (ABS-free Indonesia) [168kg (ABS-UK)]
  • Fuel tank: 14L
  • Minimum ground clearance: 160mm
  • Engine: DOHC water-cooled 2-cylinder 4-valve
  • Displacement: 249cc [321]
  • Bore x Stroke: 60.0mm x 44.1mm [68.0 x 44.1]
  • Compression ratio: 11.6: 1 [11.2: 1]
  • Gear: 6 speed
  • Horsepower: 26.5kw (36PS) / 12,000rpm
  • Torque: 23.6Nm / 10,000rpm
  • Fuel consumption: Approximately 26.2km / L
  • Exhaust gas: [EURO4]
  • Front suspension: 37mm inverted
  • Rear suspension: Linkless monoshock
  • Front brake: 298mm / 2pot
  • Rear brake: 220mm / 1pot
  • Front tire: 110 / 70-17M / C (54S) [54H]
  • Rear tire: 110 / 70-17M / C (66S) [66H]

MT-25 is MT-25 without ABS. 1kg lighter than the current Japanese. MT-03 is 166kg without the current ABS in Japan, but 168kg with the new ABS.

By the way, the above MT-25 is 26.5kw, but the current Indonesian specification is 26.5kw for YZF-R25.
So we think it will be 26kw to enter Japan. That’s true for the Japanese YZF-R25. The torque is expected to be 23Nm. 



Paint Schemes for MT-25 / MT-03

  • Matt Gray
  • Metallic Black  and
  • Metallic Blue

Price Tag

MT-03 is US $ 4,599. No ABS model.US YZF-R3 (without ABS) is $ 4,999, so MT-25 is $ 400 cheaper. Approximately 42,900 yen.

Personally predicting the domestic price of the new MT-25 / MT-03 in Japan

  • MT-03ABS: 665,500 yen
  • MT-25: 588,500 yen
  • MT-25ABS: 632,500 yen

Release Date

February 2020 is the release date in USA and Japan it may a bit earlier.

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