News : AP Honda unveils CB150R under the theme ” Streetster “

 News : AP Honda unveils CB150R under the theme ” Streetster “

In the first week of March 2019 i had published that Honda is going to launch new model under the theme ” Streetster ” . Today AP Honda, in Thailand unveiled the new Honda CB150R, another game themed bike, Neo Sports Café, which has another hope to modernize.

Under the new idea “THE STREETSTER, full line Twisted, no compelling reason to sit tight for anybody. “Alongside Gott Jirayut ” , the rising star performing artist from Channel 3, mirroring the character of THE STREETSTER to display the New Honda CB150R to the objective gathering of new motorcycle like Neo Sports Café Of the year 2019, still cool in style with LED round headlights and improved road style with another realistic strip on the fuel tank.

Ready to demonstrate the code 150 toward the end, cool, more attractive with red calipers on the front and back wheels, 150cc DOHC motor, Molybdenum covered cylinder valves Make driving fun and energizing at all rates New edge plan for sitting position.

The motor and fumes positions balance the focal point of gravity at the focal point of the vehicle. Enables the driver to control the vehicle effectively both legitimately at fast And in each stroke of the bend With a beginning cost of 99,800 baht, focusing on 18,000 vehicles for each year.

There are 3 hues to look over. The plate brakes in the front are white-dark, red-dark and dark in red-dark and dark. To pick in the ABS stopping mechanism with G-Sensor to keep the finish of lifting Available all the while all through the nation on March 11 onwards.

Mr. Suchart Arunsangroj, Executive Vice President of AP Honda Co., Ltd. revealed that “New Honda CB150R is a new type of sporty motorcycle. Which Honda developed by calling this new type of car that Neo Sports Café, which is due to the design .

The classic sports car from the round lights of the car, along with the sports cafe. But with modern design with muscle oil tank, hardy, muscular Compact to the driver’s body And the design of the rear of the car to be higher, racing style Reinforcing the sport of wind Helps the driver to control the car fluently.

So riding can be fun both at high speed And while cornering Throughout the period since its first launch in September 2017 – Feb 2019, Honda CB150R has received good response from sports car customers. Has sold approximately 26,441 cars. ”

As far as the quality of the Honda CB150R, which is completely outfitted with prevalent innovation, brimming with autos and gear, huge bike level, giving the solidarity to ride, appreciate the fun, request in each cycle speed.

Beginning from the imitating motor from the Moto GP circuit innovation with the intensity of PGM-FI spout 150 cc, DOHC 4 valves, molybdenum covered plunger with 6 speed apparatus.

Plaited outline structure Material made of (Steel). Solid, tough, lightweight. Planned by the hypothesis of hustling autos RC213V to adjust net weight (Center of gravity) at the focal point of the vehicle Helps the driver to control the vehicle with familiarity and spryness as requested while riding the whole distance straight, bending even at rapid Luxury sports exhausts structure

With a situation close to the motor to adjust the heaviness of the vehicle at the focal point of gravity Helps to make driving control the vehicle as charming as you need. Vast back tires, 150 mm wide tires Perfect for games vehicles, 150 cc gives amazing parity and island even at fast.

Front tire structure and back tire radial strengthened steel fiber Giving quality, non-abrasiveness, fantastic street Supports the torque of the motor best. The back swing arm is made of lightweight steel, solid, lightweight, giving great equalization. Solid help while driving front safeguard, back up site down, extensive 41mm, comparable to huge bike.

Good effect quality providing brilliant equalization while riding  new .. extraordinary with 4 red calipers with spiral mounts And a vast skimming front circle brake 296 mm. Innovation prevents the speed from the MotoGP circuit.

So you can stop the vehicle as you like confident in each circumstance ABS front and back slowing mechanism with G-Sensor framework introduced for each braking to be progressively certain prevent the finish of the flick and end of lift (display just).

New Honda CB150R is available in 3 standard colors as standard. The front disc brake system is red-black, black and new with white-black color as well as a special version that adds ABS with G-Sensor. Choose from red-black and black, with a starting price of 99,800 baht, available nationwide from 11 March 2019 onwards

Source : Honda

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