News : Its all new “Strike” from Lightning Motorcycle

 News : Its all new “Strike” from Lightning Motorcycle

Lightning Motorcycles is unveiling today the official  all-new Lightning Strike – a completely electric bike intended to stun the cruiser motorcycle world in each measurement by offering premium structure, execution and innovation at a ultra focused beginning cost of $12,998.

Since Lightning was established in 2009, a three-organize item advancement plan has been set up:

  • Build up the best innovation on the planet
  • Demonstrate the predominance of the innovation through challenge
  • Quickly drive down the expense of delivering the innovation to offer the most noteworthy quality items at the most reasonable cost.

With 10 years of determined efforts and advancement.Lightning has now accomplished the third phase of its item improvement plan with the dispatch of Strike.

Strike’s structure is planned to mix components of track-prepared execution, every day ride-ability and solace, just as streamlined effectiveness to expand extend at higher rates. With a flawlessly unique sportbike stylish.

Strike shares clear structure DNA with the LS-218 radiance bike in a somewhat progressively smaller bundle. Ergonomic spotlight on rider triangle geometry positions the seat, handlebars and footpegs to make Strike feel like a characteristic expansion of the rider.

By chiseling the fairing and bodywork related to broad breeze burrow testing, inside focused examination demonstrates that Strike is by a long shot the most efficiently productive electric bike available today. At the point when contrasted with other non-faired electric cruisers, Strike accomplishes almost 30% decrease in streamlined drag at 70 mph bringing about altogether improved parkway extend.

A key part of each Lightning product is execution and Strike is no special case. In view of engineering and advancement created with the Lightning LS-218 Superbike.

Strike is built for the track however intended for the road. Strike’s completely fluid cooled AC acceptance engine is equipped for delivering 90 strength and 180 lb-ft of torque in the standard rendition of Strike and 120 pull and 180 lb-ft of torque in Strike Carbon Edition arrangement. The standard Strike has a top speed of 135 mph while Strike Carbon Edition pushes its top speed to 150 mph.

To control Strike’s huge dimension of intensity and right away accessible electric torque, throttle reaction has been tuned for incredibly smooth and instinctive power conveyance. Strike riders will have a feeling of all out control in each riding condition – from setting lap times at the track and cutting up most loved byways, to driving and exploring complex urban settings.

Strike Carbon Edition is a definitive rendition of Strike. Consistent with its name, Strike Carbon Edition includes full carbon fiber bodywork carefully assembled at Lightning’s in-house carbon studio. Strike Carbon Edition is likewise completely arranged with 120 drive, 180 lb-ft torque engine, 20 kWh battery and Level 3 DC quick charging as standard.

Also, Strike Carbon Edition is equipped with Lightning’s Performance Package including top-level industry parts Öhlins front and back suspension, Brembo Monoblock brakes and AIM Strada race with lap clock and GPS-based information logging. Strike Carbon Edition will likewise be the main adaptation of Strike underway and conveyed to clients.

Strike offers three battery sizes allowing riders to choose the range which best suits their needs.

10 kWh: 70 – 100 miles highway/city range
15 kWh: 105 -150 miles highway/city range
20 kWh: 150 – 200 miles highway/city range

With the standard CCS (combined charging system) charge port, Strike has the capability of charging at Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 for maximum charging speed and convenience.

Level 1 – Overnight charge: Plug into any 110v household outlet and wake up everyday to a full charge
Level 2 – 2-3 hours: Charge on-the-go with access to network of 50,000+ J1772 public charging stations across the country
Level 3 – 35 minutes: DC fast charge 100+ miles of riding range in just 20 minutes.

Strike comes standard with Level 1 and Level 2 charging capability with Level 3 DC fast charging as a $1,500 option. Standard onboard charger is rated at 3.3 kW with an optional 6.6 kW onboard charger available for $1,500.

Source : Lightning 

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