News : ‘ Dr. Seuss ‘ of Motorcycle

 News : ‘ Dr. Seuss ‘ of Motorcycle

Rarely do we see such creativity in terms of not only making little children aware but also elders that motorcycles are fun and MimiandMoto are just doing the same and idea of coming up with books like these go far beyond.

Creators : Husband and Wife team Nancy Gerloff and Mark Augustyn are the creators of Mimi and Moto and are based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Objective : They want to become ” Dr. Seuss ” of Motorcycles.

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Characters: You may see the central character in this book as a innovative Monkey that rides the motorcycle with fun and frolic wearing all the motorcycle gear and talking about the alphabets and short two rhyming liners like.

“Little riders go vroom vroom, when they ride the alphabet so soon

The book is simple, yet innovative and the focus is more on how simple characters can make you learn fast with fun is general theme.

First and Second Book : The content of there first book is beyond par and in the second they are trying to bring more content which will highlight a wide range of riding styles including soil bikes, sport bikes, cafe racers, cruisers, choppers, enduros, motocross, experience riders, level track bikes, and that’s just the beginning.

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For Age Group : This second book will be intended for a very age 3 and up. It will have more content and the outlines will be progressively itemized to grab the attention of more established kids.Each page will be devoted to a letter of the letter set and words beginning with that letter.

Awareness Process : They trust the most ideal approach to make future riders is to energize there enthusiasm for bikes as right on time as conceivable by instructing kids that 1) Bikes are fun, 2) Wellbeing starts things out, 3) Young ladies and young men ride and, 4) Various types of bikes.

Fundraiser : They have started a fund raising campaign on Kickstarter  .In the event that you are enthusiastic about bikes and youngsters, if you don’t mind speeding up this crusade. Pre-arrange second there ids’ bike book, MIMI AND MOTO RIDE THE ALPHABET and have your name for all time included on the book’s .

The assets they raise by taking pre-arranges through this Kickstarter crusade will be used to delineate and arrange the main printing of MIMI AND MOTO RIDE THE ALPHABET.

All through the whole delineation process, they will keep you refreshed about our advancement with harsh outlines and hued pages this way: For more information you can also visit there website MimiandMoto.

Few Accomplishments of Mimi and Moto

  • The Barber Motorsports Museum in Birmingham, Alabama carries  book in their gift shop.
  • MotoAmerica carries our book in their merchandise booth at all of their races.
  • Aerostich has included this book in their 2018 catalog.

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