News : HUGE collaborates with Zero Motorcycles for Zero FXS

 News : HUGE collaborates with Zero Motorcycles for Zero FXS

HUGE combines cultural insights, proficient experience and a straightforward way to deal with make visionary items and articulations for industry pioneers. Established and driven by best ability in the narrows territory, HUGE is based on the hypothesis that a minimized group with an exceptional standpoint can produce huge outcomes.Huge Design has collaborated Zero Motorcycles with redesign for Zero FXS.

Bill Webb, Partner and Chris Harsacky, Partner

With over 30 years working at global tech corporations and multidisciplinary design firms, founders Bill Webb and Chris Harsacky identified an opportunity for a small product focused studio to thrive in the current design landscape. With the larger mature firms focusing on expanding offerings and expertise, HUGE Design has assembled a team of top notch Industrial designers to deliver purely on world class product design.

Source : Huge

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