Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. (SMAI) has affirmed that U.S. showcase creation of the Hayabusa sport cruiser prcontinuous. Generation of European particular Hayabusa models has been stopped because of Euro 4 norms. This circumstance, and coming about media reports, may have caused perplexity and misconstrue among U.S. buyers, media, and manufcaturers.

Commenting on the status of the famous games bike, Kerry Graeber, Suzuki’s Vice President, MC/ATV Sales and Marketing, said the accompanying, “From its commencement 20 years back, the  Hayabusa bike has been an outwardly and innovative portrayal of Suzuki’s promise to bike execution.

Actually countless riders have possessed this model and it keeps on being looked for after even today. GT riders, speedsters, and customizes worldwide are fanatically committed to the Hayabusa and we are anticipating proceeding with its heritage. Suzuki Motor Corporation’s duty to this model means another age of motorcyclists can encounter the unmatched execution and style that the Hayabusa is known for all inclusive.”


Source : Suzuki Motor America

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