Nicola Giannattasio’s Nurburg project is a customized version of the BMW S1000RR sportbike. Giannattasio aimed to create a nostalgic bike reminiscent of sportbikes from the 1980s, particularly those that participated in endurance races. The design inspiration for the Nurburg comes from the French custom house, Praëm.


The base bike used for the Nurburg is a 2011 BMW S1000RR, which Giannattasio extensively modified to achieve his vision. The overall design of the Nurburg reflects the classic aesthetics of sports bikes from the past. One notable feature is the round headlight with an ‘x’ design, a distinctive characteristic often associated with endurance racing bikes.



By combining elements from the 1980s sportbike era and drawing inspiration from Praëm’s design philosophy, Giannattasio created a unique and customized motorcycle that pays homage to the iconic sportbikes of the past. The Nurburg stands out with its vintage-inspired styling and aims to evoke a sense of nostalgia for enthusiasts who appreciate the history and heritage of endurance racing and classic sports bikes.


Indeed, Nicola Giannattasio’s customization of the BMW S1000RR into the Nurburg model is an impressive transformation sets it apart from the standard version. Here are some of the key features that make the Nurburg stand out:

1. Retro-inspired design: The Nurburg pays homage to sportbikes of the 1980s, drawing inspiration from endurance race bikes of that era. The round headlight, square, muscular tail, and overall fairing design resemble classic race bikes.

2. Custom-shaped fairings: Giannattasio replaced the original fairings of the S1000RR with custom-shaped fairings that enhance the retro aesthetic. The fairings were fixed onto a subframe made by Giannattasio, providing a unique and cohesive look.


3. Unique front end: The rounded fairing with the round off-centre headlight is reminiscent of race bikes from the past, particularly Suzuki models. A slight cowl with position lights adds to the vintage racing appeal.


4. Engine modifications: While the engine itself did not undergo internal tweaks, Giannattasio gave it a new look to match the classic vibe of the bike. Custom-designed aeronautical aluminium casings were used to add style and protection against impacts. A titanium Akrapovic exhaust system and a carbon radiator grille were also installed, adding performance and reducing weight.

5. Customized tank and saddle: The tank, originally a BMW accessory, was customized with custom side panels to blend with the overall design. The harness features a thin layer of foam, similar to racing bikes of the past, and Italian brands Rizoma and Barracuda contributed to the finishing touches and various components.


Combining retro-inspired design elements, custom-shaped fairings, and unique modifications to critical components, the Nurburg transforms the BMW S1000RR into a distinctive custom retro racer that stands out among its contemporaries.

Source: Motocilismo

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