About Tamarit Motorcycles

Tamarit Motorcycles is a Triumph bikes builder company with 100% Spanish DNA which, in less than two years, has become the best builder for these popular bikes worldwide.

Tamarit rises from the finest craftsmanship in order to provide to the clients an up to measure motorcycles, a cutting-edge design, a lifestyle for those who dare to do what nobody does and standing up for riding a motorcycle with her own soul and personality.

A client from Tamarit would never want to be distinguished by having what everyone already has. A client from Tamarit searches for exclusivity just by being different from the rest. A philosophy that has attracted so far several luxury and bikes lovers around the world.

We received an opportunity to talk with Tamarit Motorcycles. While each bike has its own story so we wanted to understand what goes behind to create such incredible art.


Stalker by Tamarit Motorcycles


  • How did Tamarit Motorcycles start?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: Tamarit Motorcycles started basically when three partners shared their passion for custom classic motorcycles and joined their efforts towards this enterprise.

    Despite the beginnings were somehow lowly, we managed to step by step get to the top group of the Spanish motorcycle builders.
  • Do let us know about your current projects/work?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: Our current work is an ongoing flow of motorcycle projects requested by our clients, we upload our new entries as soon as we can.

    It’s very hard to combine such activity with also the motorcycle parts production to every corner of the world. Fortunately, the team is giving the best to keep everything up despite the current situation (Covid19).

  • What’s the one thing that you like about motorcycles?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: We honestly like the way we create motorcycles according to our client’s desires. Every bike is a new chapter to us, a new challenge, a new friend, a new member of the family.

    The motorcycle will always mean freedom and we strive to get the “perfect freedom” for everyone that hires Tamarit Motorcycles. 

  • What is the most challenging build/bike that you had to build to date?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: There have been a few that were quite tricky and laborious actually, but as we always say, the best project and the “mother of all challenges” is always to come. Our main goal is to be always improving. 

  • Do you also make custom bikes apart from Triumph?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: No we don’t, all the projects by Tamarit Motorcycles are based on Triumph Modern Classics. We firmly believe in specialization. 

  • A most important component in the motorcycle according to you? And why?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: Perhaps the tires is the component that we like to change the most. It gives the bike a totally different vibe.

  • If there is any? Who is your idol in the custom world?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: Not an idol at all, but we have to admit that the American builder Hazan has been our source of inspiration lately. We don’t care that most of the bikes created cannot be ridden at all, they’re doing awesome things.

  • What according to you is most important while building the motorcycle is it the idea or the design?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: We think that idea and design should be together all along the process of the build.

    Basically we have to work based on an idea by the client, and then we have to design it so, we can’t choose at all! Ideas come always first, and then we have to design them in order to make them possible, especially on those projects that are made without any client insight.

  • Electric or Standard/ Combustion engine motorcycles which do you prefer?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: Triumph is well-known for its classic combustion twin engines. For the moment, the feeling of the engine roaring below cannot be accomplished by an electric engine so …

  • What do you think about electric bikes?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: We do know that in the end, the traditional engines will die and all of us will end up riding electric motorcycles.

    Once on that stage, as long as the designs of the motorcycles are good, no problem for us!

    Can’t wait to see an electric bike with the old-style look, that would definitely make the click on us because we basically work on aesthetics.

  • Are you open to build an electric bike? As electric is the trend these days?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: Only the future will tell, we’ll be ready by then.

  • Do let us know your future plans?
    Tamarit Motorcycles: The future is basically happening for us right now, we just moved to a new workshop which will upgrade greatly the production capacity of the company in terms of simultaneous projects and will take us to the top of not only the Spanish builders but the world. 

Let’s take a look at some breathtaking work by Tamarit Motorcycles in the gallery below.

Information, Videos and Images Source: Tamarit Motorcycles

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