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Royal Enfield is one of those famous brands that have an iconic motorcycle as you all very well know Bullet under its belt.

Royal Enfield was started back in 1955, and while it has developed other models like Thunderbird as well as Himalayan, the tourer.


However, you don’t expect the electric Bullet, do you?

Well, that’s right. This is not built by the Royal Enfield, but this bike was built by Electric Classic Cars based in England.

In the first instance, all the main components like the 500cc single-cylinder engine, drivetrain all were removed. And was replaced by cool 2.5 kWh Li-ion LG Chem batteries in the place that was occupied by the engine. 

That is capable of sending the power to a 13Kw water-cooled electric motor that is placed at the rear.

Now that does mean there is no chain or a drive belt that you see on the normal motorcycles like other electric bikes of Harleys Livewire.

Photon can achieve the top speed of 112 km/h (70mph) and goes from 48 km/h to 80 km/h in about 6 seconds.

The battery has a range of 128-160 km. It also comes with a 7 kW charger that is capable of charging the bike in 1.5 hrs.

So we don’t see it as a bad performance. There is acceleration, as well as the range is decent.

Photon gets LED headlight with high intensity plus battery covers are 3D printed that looks like the fins of fish. The price tag of this high-class electric build is about $20,000.

Pic Source:  Electric Classic Cars

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