How about integrating the 1,285 cm³ Superquadro V2 engine from Ducati with the hub steering wheel that is built inhouse.

Well, you don’t often get to see such innovation that Italian motorcycle manufacturer Vyrus.

Hmm outcome an alien-looking breathtaking custom called as Alyen 988.


We all know that Bimota is famous for its hub steering, especially with the new Tesi. Bimota, as we also know that has partnered with Kawasaki to bring the Tesi.

We also got to know we will see the Ducati- V2 integrated with wheel hub steering suspension. This will also be again done by Vyrus. Now that is more innovative.

How is it built?

The rear wheel gets the single-sided swingarm with the front getting double-sided. The wheel hub is controlled hydraulically, and steering resides in it. The powerful 205 two cylinders Ducati engine resides between a frame that is made of magnesium.

Carbon components like tank, seat, and dash are used. Alyen also gets the carbon wheels from Rotobox with 120 / 70-17 and 200 / 60-17 dimensions.

The best part to look at the bike is the large wings that you may find extending to the side located above the radiator. Similarly, the LED headlamp looks like an Alien face.

Also, V2 has large spoilers in the front. The seat looks exquisite that goes with the entire package. The exhausts also look cool.

Panels also look very well. This is one of custom that you will hardly get to see. However, Vyrus doesn’t share any information related to no of copies and quantity.

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