Do we see changes in Glemseck 101 – 2020?

 Do we see changes in Glemseck 101 – 2020?

Every year we keenly followed Glemseck 101, and since then, we are following it.

Once a year, Glemseck 101 is one of the most stylish motorcycle events that do happen. 

Last year we wrote something about the Glemseck 101 like this 

“This year, the most significant biker event, “Glemseck101,” is scheduled in the City of Leonberg, Germany.

It’s a great get together of not only the bikers but also designers, bike builders, motorcycle enthusiasts.

Not to forget fans who not only look for fun but also look forward to connecting and enjoy this event.

This event is a cross-brand motorcycle event. The event is Round 13, which means already 12 events were successfully carried out.

For three days and two nights, the biker dream of petrol and bratwurst, beer, and rock’n’roll lasts for free.

Until the late sixties, motorcycles rode on the Solitude for cups. The hotel of the same name has been a popular destination for bikers for decades.

The “Glemseck101″ get-together grows and grows: last year, around more than 50,000 spectators, came; this time, it is more”.

Glemseck 101 -2020

This year it looks like the rules are going to change as we see the Facebook post from Glemseck 101 – 2020.

“Dear international future contestants and interested visitors, our Creative Director Steven Flier is currently revising the Glemseck 101 – »1/8 Mile Bible«.

The Rules 2020. Race Control, Flag girl start, DMSB (German Motor Sport Federation) and technical regulations – and on which sprints and from when you can apply for the Glemseck 101 – Round 15.

This information is available online in the next few weeks. Stay tuned – follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date on this topic”.

The above posts suggest a change in the rules at least for the Glemseck as of now.

Source : Glemseck Facebook

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