Game of riding motorcycle safe

Let’s face it. I’m old. You might say a survivor. Yes, I have crashed. Once into my old bike with my new bike! Shit will inevitably go down at some stage of your riding life.

For most of the time for me, it was about riding a superbike fast, a game which I have won and lost. There are a few things I have tried to hone over the years.

Proper gear, check it all before you go. Wallet, keys, phone, smokes if ya got em. Watch the weather and dress for the day. Have that rain radar accessible on your phone or PC.


Nothing worse than feeling that first drip running down your crotch on a wet day…yeew. So off to the 7/11, full tank of premium, red bull, and go. Pull down your visor and put the world behind you.

How to ride?

The only thing on my mind from that minute until I get home safely is to be smooth and ever watchful. Every motorcyclist has there favorite road or trail for that matter.

I think the key to nailing every fun road is precision, that unbroken centreline is your enemy.

In a road situation apex, the corner close to the centreline is a recipe for doom angst is broken bones or death in some cases. If you can be smooth, consistent, and accurate, look deep into the corner, and the bike will follow.

The other advantage there is you are subliminally reading the road surface and in a much better position to react if the world starts falling apart in front of you.

So ride fast ride smooth and be safe. Never stop concentrating, come home in 1 piece and prove them all wrong….I did..

By Christopher Bridges 

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