Suzuki had filed multiple patents, for we believe it as an upcoming Hayabusa. We also heard from Young Machine about a new version that is called Falcon back in January 2019.

Hayabusa fans across the world have been holding their breath as for some part of the world; rumors were rife that Suzuki would discontinue Hayabusa production.


However, the source from Young Machine is talking positively on the return of new Suzuki Hayabusa, which is termed as Falcon, and we do trust them as they have provided some strong reasons.

Now the likelihood that next Hayabusa will show up is getting thicker and thicker Why?

  • From different spots, “Data of ’20 years is positive unquestionably ‘began to shudder.
  • The year 20 is the 100th commemoration of Suzuki’s established, and
  • Euro 5 is additionally connected. It is an extraordinary open door for the third full change since ’08. Albeit numerous subtleties are obscure, “As before, the idea of” Ultimate Sports “does not change” (data source).
  • As far as volumes are concerned 1340 thousand units of the present kind are planned with an edge, so it is conceivable to soup up to around +10000, yet it is right now not meaningful. This news is for Falcon.

Now folks from Bikesocial have found few different patents related to Hayabusa. These are related to Oil Pan and Cannister. That is responsible for absorbing pollution agents.

This means we expect a transition of Hayabusa from Euro 4 to Euro 5. We think it will be wise for Suzuki to bring this model soon. The 2020 model has already been launched with new paint schemes. The Euro – 5 model may come in 2021.

Source : Bikesocial

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