As per 2018 road safety statistics presented by WHO Vulnerable road users – pedestrians, cyclists, and motorcyclists – represent more than half of all global deaths.

Pedestrians and cyclists represent 26% of all deaths, while those using motorized two- and three-wheelers comprise another 28%. Africa has the highest proportion of pedestrian and cyclist mortalities with 44% of deaths.

In South-East Asia and the Western Pacific, the majority of deaths are among riders of motorized two and three-wheelers, who represent 43% and 36% of all deaths respectively.


2021 will see Kawasaki’s advanced rider assistance to come on the scene as announced by Kawasaki Bosch Corporation. To make riding more safe Kawasaki will bring this system in 2021. These systems will bring road safety and will reduce the number of accidents in a greater way.

There are three things that Kawasaki wants to bring for riders’ safety via this system.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control: The main job of this parameter is to keep a safe distance from the vehicles.How by monitoring the distance between the vehicles and that also allows adjusting the speed of the vehicle.
  • Collision Prediction Warning: This is again an important parameter that informs the rider when a vehicle is approached suddenly. The rider gets alert via visual and audible signals.
  • Blind Spot Detection: The surroundings are monitored by radar sensors on the vehicles when the lanes are changed. When the vehicle arrives at the blind spot, the rider gets warned by a visual signal that may be displayed on the mirrors, etc.

Source : Kawasaki

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