Jetpack’s Recreational Speeder is on the move

 Jetpack’s Recreational Speeder is on the move

Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) abilities, played a crucial during da Vinci’s time. Around 1490 he portrayed an airplane with a flying screw, which is an establishment to the present helicopters.

The analysis shows us the dream of flying and passenger services have the probability to become a global market worth $3 trillion by 2035. Not bad isn’t it.

While there are many manufacturers like AeroVironment, Airbus, Arcturus UAV, Aurora Flight Sciences, BAE Systems, Boeing, Leonardo, Lockheed Martin, Israel Aerospace Industries, Textron Inc., ALTI UAS, Autel Robotics, Lilium, XTI Aircraft, Hoversurf, and Kitty Hawk, among others, are some of the major players in the fixed-wing VTOL aircraft market who are in the race to create space in this untapped market.

In March 2019 we had published about Jetpack as it was initially planned for Military. Jetpack now has announced a project to raise the funds that will raise $2 million to build the prototype according to Jetpack.

Here are specs 
  • Empty Weight: 231 lbs
  • Max Thrust (ISA)*: 705 lbs
  • Max speed: > 150 mph
  • Endurance**: 10 – 22 min
  • Fuel: Kerosene/JetA/diesel
  • Operating Ceiling: 15,000 ft
  • Piloted/Fully autonomous: Piloted
  • *Maximum thrust can vary depending on density altitude
  • **Endurance is dependent on pilot weight and density altitude

What we know is only 20 of these Recreational Speeders are available for buyers rest will be for military the Recreational Speeder will come at the price of $ 380,000. You can preorder on the Jetpacks website by paying $10,000.

Buyers are also bound to get goodies once they buy the Speeder like Tee, hat and a small scale model of the Speeder.

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