Yamaha Minarelli engines

Polini’s upgrades for Yamaha Minarelli engines promise to pack a punch with their meticulously engineered parts.

Key points of the Polini crankshaft and cylinder kit upgrades for the Yamaha Minarelli engine:

  • Improved durability and resistance: The crankshaft kit is designed to handle more power and the cylinder kit is made of durable materials.
  • Increased performance: Both kits work together to improve the performance of the engine, allowing it to achieve higher power figures.
  • Compatibility: The kits are compatible with both the horizontal and vertical configurations of the Minarelli engine.
  • Pricing: The kits are reasonably priced, especially considering the performance and durability improvements they offer.

Here’s a brief summary and the key takeaways:

Polini’s Upgrades for Yamaha Minarelli Engines

  1. Objective: Increase power and enhance the engine’s internal resistance.
  2. Upgrades Available:
    • Crankshafts
    • Cylinder kits
  3. Crankshafts:
    • Enhances the durability and resistance of the Minarelli engines (found in Yamaha’s CY, MY, CW models).
    • Can handle more power than stock parts.
    • Features a machined connecting rod.
    • Compatible with a 12mm piston (an upgrade from the original 10mm piston pin).
    • Part Numbers:
      • 210.0048/12: Yamaha Horizontal
      • 210.0049/12: Yamaha Vertical
  4. Cylinder Kits:
    • Complete set including head, piston, piston rings, pin, and gaskets.
    • Designed to work seamlessly with the 12mm crankshaft.
    • Increased reliability, especially under stress.
    • Made of special alloys that resist high temperatures.
    • Cast iron head for added durability; paired with a special alloy skirt.
    • Spheroidal cast iron piston rings that resist wear.
    • Aluminium alloy piston with superior heat exchange properties.
    • Reworked combustion chamber for high compression ratios and turbulence.
    • Essential to use in tandem with the crankshaft kit.
    • Part Numbers: 166.0074/12, 166.0076/12, 166.0083/12
  5. Pricing:
    • Crankshaft Kit: 139 EUR plus VAT (~$150 USD excluding VAT).
    • Cylinder Kit: 150 EUR plus VAT (~$160 USD excluding VAT).
  6. Country of Origin: Italy

In essence, these upgrades by Polini present an alluring proposition for Yamaha Minarelli engine owners, offering not just enhanced performance but also superior reliability and resistance. It’s evident that meticulous care has been put into each part’s design and manufacturing, making these upgrades a worthy investment for enthusiasts.


Polini Motociclismo

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