Today, we’re diving into Yamaha’s latest marvel – the 2024 R15 V4. Yamaha launched this beauty in Japan and, along with it, introduced the global audience to the R125.

A Palette of New Colors

The first thing we noticed about the R15 V4? Its dazzling new color options.

  • Full-Black: Yamaha has decked the motorcycle in a full-black attire, mirroring its elder sibling, the R7. This option also flaunts stunning blacked-out components.
  • Dark Bluish Gray Metallic: Yamaha has painted the main body in a rich dark blue, and they’ve added a splash of neon yellow on the wheels and graphics. And if you look closely, you’ll spot a hint of silver near the fairing.
  • Yamaha Blue and Black: This combination takes inspiration from the R1. Interestingly, it differs from the Racing Blue found on the Indian model, which merges two shades of blue.

Impressive Hardware Remains


While Yamaha has introduced new colour variations, they’ve kept the hardware consistent. The 2024 R15 V4 proudly sports a 155cc, liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine that churns out 18.1bhp and 14.1Nm. Yamaha has also packed it with standout features like traction control, a two-way quick-shifter, multiple ride modes, and ABS – making it a standout in the 150cc class.

Pricing and Availability

We found the price tag in Japan to be around Rs 3.10 lakh. It’s noteworthy to mention this is almost twice the cost of its counterpart in India.

Pros of the 2024 Yamaha R15 V4:

  • New colour options, including a full-black colour option that looks very sharp
  • Traction control, two-way quick-shifter, and ride modes, which are very rare in the 150cc segment
  • The sporty and aggressive design
  • Powerful and responsive engine
  • Good handling and performance
  • Wide service network

Cons of the 2024 Yamaha R15 V4:

  • Aggressive riding position, which may not be comfortable for long rides
  • Hard seat, which may also be uncomfortable for long rides
  • Relatively high price tag
  • Limited pillion comfort

For those in India eagerly waiting for this model, we predict Yamaha will roll out the new colour variants by next year.


The 2024 Yamaha R15 V4 showcases Yamaha’s dedication to blending performance with aesthetic appeal in the 150cc segment. And we can’t wait to see it on the roads!

2024 Yamaha R15 V4 isn’t just another motorcycle; it’s a statement. With its refreshing colour palette and steadfast commitment to retaining top-notch hardware, Yamaha once again proves its prowess in innovating within the 150cc segment.

While the anticipation builds for its arrival in various markets, especially India, enthusiasts and loyalists alike have every reason to be excited. This model reiterates Yamaha’s reputation for blending performance with unmatched aesthetic appeal. The roads await its roar, and so do we!


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