Porsche Cars North America President and CEO Dr Kjell Gruner has left the company, according to an announcement made by Porsche. His departure was effective July 6; no successor has been named yet. Porsche Cars NA COO Joe Lawrence and CFO Thierry Kartochian will lead the business. Porsche has not provided the reason for Gruner’s departure.


Before his role as CEO of Porsche Cars NA, Gruner served as the vice president of marketing for Porsche AG from 2010. During his tenure, Porsche expanded its retail network in the US to nearly 200 sites. Gruner joined Porsche in 1999 and briefly worked for Daimler from 2004 to 2010 before rejoining Porsche as the chief marketing officer.


This executive shakeup at Porsche follows a recent change in leadership at Audi, another brand within the Volkswagen Group. Porsche AG CEO Oliver Blume also expressed concern about Audi’s product rollout. However, the specific details of these changes and concerns were not mentioned in the provided information.

Sales Result

Porsche has not announced the sales results for the second quarter of 2023. However, the company had a strong start to the year, with sales increasing for all models except the electric Taycan. Porsche sold 17,440 cars in the first three months of 2023, which is 4,400 more than the previous year. The sales of the 911 and 718 models saw significant increases of 18% and 44%, respectively. In 2022, global sales rose by 2.6% to 309,884 cars.

Porsche is preparing to launch more electric vehicles in the coming years. The Taycan is already on sale, and the Macan EV will soon join it. The 718 Boxster/Cayman is expected to be electrified around 2025, followed by the Cayenne. Additionally, Porsche is developing a larger electric SUV specifically targeting the Chinese and American markets.

Impact on Porsche

The departure of the President and CEO, Dr Kjell Gruner, from Porsche Cars North America could have both short-term and long-term impacts on the company. While the reasons for his departure have not been provided, executive shakeups often bring changes in leadership style, strategy, and focus, which can influence a company’s direction and operations.

Here are a few potential impacts:

  • Leadership Transition: The immediate impact will be the need for a smooth transition. With Gruner’s departure, the responsibility of leading the business has been temporarily assigned to COO Joe Lawrence and CFO Thierry Kartochian. The effectiveness of this interim leadership team will be critical in maintaining stability and ensuring continuity during the transition period. The appointment of a new CEO will further shape the company’s direction.

  • Strategic Shifts: A change in leadership often leads to shifts in strategic priorities. The new CEO, once appointed, may have their vision for the company and could introduce changes in areas such as product development, market expansion, and technological advancements. These strategic shifts could impact Porsche’s future product lineup, business partnerships, and investment priorities.

  • Customer Relations: The departure of a CEO can create uncertainty among customers and stakeholders. Porsche must reassure its customers and dealerships that it remains committed to delivering high-quality vehicles and maintaining strong relationships. Effective communication and transparent leadership will maintain customer trust during this transition.

Impact continues…

  • Future Electric Vehicle Focus: Porsche has been ramping up its efforts in the electric vehicle market with the introduction of the Taycan and plans to launch more electric models. The new CEO’s vision and approach toward electrification will be critical for Porsche’s success in this area. Depending on the new CEO’s priorities, there may be adjustments in the company’s electric vehicle strategy, investments in charging infrastructure, and collaborations with other industry players.

  • Overall Performance: Leadership changes can positively and negatively impact a company’s performance. A new CEO with fresh perspectives and strategies could bring innovation and drive growth, but it could also lead to initial disruptions as the new leadership team settles into their roles. The ability of the new leadership team to effectively manage these transitions and maintain strong performance will be crucial for Porsche’s continued success.


The departure of Dr Kjell Gruner as the President and CEO of Porsche Cars North America will likely have immediate and long-term impacts on the company. The transition in leadership will require a smooth handover and effective interim management to maintain stability during this period. The appointment of a new CEO will shape Porsche’s direction, and its strategic priorities may lead to shifts in areas such as product development, market expansion, and technological advancements.

Customer Relations

Customer relations will also be crucial during this transition. Porsche must communicate and reassure its customers and stakeholders about its commitment to delivering high-quality vehicles and maintaining strong relationships. The company’s focus on electric vehicles, including introducing the Taycan and future EV launches, will depend on the new CEO’s vision and approach to electrification.

The impact on Porsche’s performance will depend on how well the new leadership team manages the transition and drives the company forward. While leadership changes can bring opportunities and challenges, effective management and a clear strategic direction will be crucial for Porsche’s success in the highly competitive automotive industry.



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