There are rumours that Kawasaki will release a 400cc 4-cylinder Z400RS shortly. This new model follows the footsteps of the successful Ninja ZX-4R, which also boasts a 400cc 4-cylinder engine.

Based on my research, the new motorcycle (which has yet to be officially announced) could sport a retro-inspired design similar to the Z650RS and Z900RS, equipped with 4-cylinder engines. 


The new bike could use the same 400cc engine as the ZX-4R but with some modifications to complement its retro style better.

While the release date remains unconfirmed, sources suggest it could occur in 2024. 

The rumoured specifications for the bike are as follows:

  • Engine: 400cc inline-4 cylinder
  • Power: ~45 horsepower
  • Torque: ~30 pound-feet
  • Weight: ~400 pounds
  • Suspension: Front: 41mm inverted forks, Rear: Monoshock
  • Brakes: Front: 310mm dual discs with radial-mount callipers, Rear: 220mm disc with single-piston calliper
  • Wheels: 17-inch alloy
  • Tires: Front: 110/70-17, Rear: 150/60-17
  • Price: $6,000-$7,000

These are just rumours, but if they prove true, the new 400cc 4-cylinder motorcycle could be a thrilling option for retro-style bike enthusiasts.


Kawasaki Z400RS concept by Mich Superbike

Here are some potential pros and cons of a hypothetical Kawasaki Z400RS based on the information provided:


  • Retro-inspired Styling: If the Z400RS follows the design language of the Z650RS and Z900RS, it could appeal to riders who appreciate the classic and timeless aesthetics of retro-style motorcycles.
  • 400cc 4-Cylinder Engine: A 400cc inline-4 cylinder engine would provide a good balance of power and agility, potentially offering a thrilling riding experience for riders who prefer smaller displacement motorcycles. Handling and Suspension: Including 41mm inverted forks in the front and a monoshock in the rear could enhance the bike’s handling and provide improved stability and control during cornering and manoeuvring.
  • Braking Performance: 310mm dual discs with radial-mount callipers in the front and a 220mm disc with a single-piston calliper in the rear suggest that the Z400RS could have reliable braking performance.
  • Lightweight: With an estimated weight of around 400 pounds, the Z400RS could offer nimble and agile handling, making it suitable for urban riding and spirited manoeuvres.


  • Unconfirmed Information: As mentioned earlier, the specifications and details provided about the Z400RS are based on rumors and unofficial sources. Until there is an official announcement, evaluating the accuracy of these details is challenging.
  • Limited Power: While the estimated power output of around 45 horsepower may be sufficient for many riders, some individuals might prefer more power for certain riding scenarios, such as highway cruising or two-up riding.
  • Price: The speculated price range of $6,000-$7,000 appears relatively affordable compared to higher-end motorcycles. However, pricing can vary depending on market conditions, additional features, and the actual specifications of the motorcycle when it is released.
  • Availability and Release Date: Since the release date has not been officially confirmed, potential buyers may have to wait for an extended period or face uncertainty regarding when the Z400RS will be available.


The rumoured Kawasaki Z400RS with a 400cc 4-cylinder engine and retro-inspired styling has generated excitement among motorcycle enthusiasts. While the information provided is speculative and based on rumors, it’s important to await official announcements from Kawasaki for accurate and up-to-date details.

If the Z400RS becomes a reality, potential pros could include its retro styling, the balance of power offered by a 400cc 4-cylinder engine, improved handling with inverted forks and a monoshock suspension, reliable braking performance, and its lightweight nature.

However, it’s crucial to consider the cons, such as the unconfirmed information, limited power for certain riders’ preferences, the potential price range, and the uncertainty regarding availability and release date.

As always, it’s advisable to rely on official sources or wait for confirmed information before making any decisions or forming concrete opinions about the Kawasaki Z400RS or any other upcoming motorcycle.

Mich Superbike


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