QJ Motor, a Chinese motorcycle manufacturer, is a well-established entity in the global market. Underpinned by the recent successes of Benelli motorcycles in Asia and Europe, there is no doubt that QJ’s immense expertise will be instrumental in making this partnership work.

QJ Motors

After all, QJ Motor’s quality-driven standards are one of the many reasons MV Agusta partnered with them for their new Lucky Explorer adventure bike.

In recent years, Chinese marques like QJ Motor have been making their way into global markets thanks to their attractive price point and beautiful styling. 



In many ways, they are now competing against more prominent brands such as Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Honda, who have seen their sales decline as Chinese bike makers gain a stronger foothold in the market. But does this mean you have to give up all the performance you would get from Kawasaki? 

The answer is no – referring to QJ Motor’s new GS550 Sportbike. Like other mainstream motorcycles from established motorcycle makers on the market today, the new GS550 is an entry-level sportbike featuring solid handling capabilities and best-in-class acceleration for a motorcycle of its class and price point.


And If you’re into sleek, bold and minimalist style, you’ll appreciate the GS550 Sportbike. Unlike QJ Motor’s step-through and cruiser models, which sport a similar design to many other Chinese brands, the GS550 boasts a unique visual identity with a sporty design that’s higher quality than what we have seen from them in the past.

With so many little touches that make it stand out from the crowd, the QJ Motor GS550 Sportbike is an actual prize for those in the market for an affordable sportbike with premium touches. Packed with an array of technology, outstanding performance and some serious style, it has more than a few tricks up its sleeve.


The QJ Motor GS550 Sportbike isn’t just a pretty face with excellent graphics; it has the goods to back up its athletic stance with KYB hardware and Brembos on the front and rear.

As for the motor, it has 554cc parallel-twin engine responsible for making 57.2 horsepower and 37.8 ft-lbs of torque. We assume it does have dual-overhead cams and liquid cooling.

Other top features include keyless ignition, a full-colour TFT display, and smartphone connectivity.

Source: Motociclismo


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