Key Points

  • Quartararo is unhappy with the performance of his Yamaha bike in the 2023 MotoGP season.
  • Yamaha is aware of this and is working to make the bike more competitive.
  • Yamaha may switch to a V4 engine in the future.
  • The Misano test in September will be a key moment for Yamaha.
  • If Yamaha can impress Quartararo at Misano, they will be in a good position to keep him for 2024 and beyond.


Fabio Quartararo

Fabio Quartararo has strongly expressed his dissatisfaction with riding an uncompetitive bike has dashed his hopes of contending for the MotoGP championship this year. He has highlighted the upcoming Misano test, where Yamaha will trial their 2024 plans, as the pivotal moment when he will gauge whether the future holds promise or not.


Yamaha’s Managing Director, Lin Jarvis, responded to concerns about Quartararo potentially moving to Honda, stating he doesn’t use the term ‘afraid’, but he acknowledges the risk posed by Honda’s interest in securing top-tier riders like Quartararo. He emphasized retaining Quartararo necessitates providing him with a competitive bike, and Yamaha must substantiate their commitment through tangible results.


Shift to V4 Engine

Quartararo remains under contract with Yamaha for 2024, with Alex Rins set to be his new teammate instead of Franco Morbidelli. Yamaha anticipates intriguing shifts in the rider market next year, including uncertainties about Marc Marquez’s future. Yamaha recognizes the need for a shift in their development approach and is open to exploring changes, potentially even introducing a V4 engine in the future.

Yamaha’s Competitiveness

He asserted Yamaha is capable of regaining their former glory as a team delivered championship successes like Valentino Rossi’s prime and Quartararo’s 2021 championship. While Yamaha faced a dip in competitiveness this year, Jarvis pointed out they clinched the world championship with Quartararo two years ago and maintained a leading position in the championship until mid-2022.


Jarvis acknowledged European manufacturers have outpaced Japanese counterparts, a phenomenon seen in other motorsports like F1 as well. He remained optimistic about Yamaha’s potential resurgence, asserting while they are currently struggling to make it to Q2, they are not far from reclaiming their competitive edge.


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