2023 Mission Super Hooligan National Championship

In the 2023 Mission Super Hooligan National Championship race series, Energica and racer Stefano Mesa have taken the spotlight. As the lone team with an electric motorcycle in a field dominated by combustion bikes, their performance has been captivating.


Our friends from Rideapart interviewed Energica’s Chief Technical Officer, Giampiero Testoni, and Chief Executive Officer, Stefano Benatti, about the 2023 Super Hooligans season, racing dynamics, and the transfer of track insights to production bikes.

Stefano Mesa

Stefano Mesa, a pivotal figure, has been racing the Energica Eva Ribelle throughout the 2023 Super Hooligan season. We also had a conversation with him about his experiences. With only one Super Hooligan weekend remaining on the calendar, scheduled for September 8-10, 2023, at Circuit of the Americas in Texas, the anticipation is high.


Here’s a glimpse of the conversation lightly edited for clarity::

1. Pioneering Electric Racing

  • Question: How does it feel to be the first racer to compete against a field full of combustion bikes on an electric bike for a full season?
    Answer: Participating in the future of racing by challenging gas-powered bikes with an electric one is exhilarating. Progressing to a competitive level with the electric bike has been a rewarding challenge.

2. Electric Bike Racing Dynamics

  • Question: What are the biggest differences in racing the Energica compared to other bikes you’ve raced in the past, given your extensive experience with combustion bikes?
    Answer: The notable distinctions lie in power delivery and weight. The electric bike’s instant and robust power delivery, always ready to accelerate, contrasts with the different weight distribution.

3. Dual Racing Challenges

  • Question: How challenging is it to switch between the Energica and the Kawasaki, considering you’re racing in both Super Hooligan and Supersport this season?
    Answer: It can indeed pose challenges. Adapting to distinct braking markers and transitioning from a lower Super Hooligan bike to a more upright Supersport motorcycle can be demanding.

4. Achieving Milestones

  • Question: Reflecting on your performance, how did it feel to secure the holeshot with Energica in Super Hooligan Race One at Laguna Seca?
    Answer: Achieving the holeshot at Laguna Seca was fantastic. While we aimed for it from the beginning, actually executing it was incredibly satisfying. The significance to the team and Energica made it even more special.

5. Season Progress and Goals

  • Question: With the end of the Super Hooligan season approaching and more Supersport races ahead, how do you view your accomplishments so far?
    Answer: Considering we’re a new team and faced limited testing, our season has been commendable. Continuous improvements are being made each weekend, and given the learning curve, we’ve achieved substantial success.

6. Electric Bike Riding Insights

  • Question: What’s the key aspect for someone new to electric bike riding, particularly on a track, to understand about racing them?
    Answer: The power delivery is often underestimated. Managing the substantial throttle power demands constant focus, especially as the race progresses.

7. Breaking Records

  • Question: Breaking the longstanding electric-motorcycle lap record at Laguna Seca must have been an incredible feat. How does it feel?
    Answer: Shattering the record at Laguna Seca, which stood for years, was a remarkable accomplishment. The swifter pace of the Eva Ribelle showcases the progress of electric motorcycles. Competing against internal combustion engines speaks volumes.


Stefano Mesa’s journey racing the Energica Eva Ribelle offers insights into the evolving world of electric motorcycle racing, underlining its potential and growth. As the electric vehicle landscape evolves, the achievements and experiences of individuals like Mesa contribute to the excitement and anticipation for the future of electric mobility in racing.

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