Indian Motorcycle Europe has recently unveiled the first episode of an exciting new six-part YouTube documentary series. This season, the spotlight is on the renowned custom bike builder Roland Sands, who will be crafting a high-performance Indian Scout. This series promises to captivate motorcycle enthusiasts and fans of custom builds with its detailed exploration of Sands’ creative process and the performance potential of the Indian Scout.

Recap of Season One: A Journey Through Customization

The Stars of Season One

Season One of the documentary followed the journeys of Carey Hart, Powerplant Motorcycles, and Barnstorm Cycles as they customized Indian Sport Chiefs. These builders brought their unique styles and expertise to create stunning custom bikes that have since been showcased at various custom bike events and shows.

The Impact of Season One

The success of Season One set a high bar for what was to come. The custom Indian Sport Chiefs not only demonstrated the versatility of Indian motorcycles but also highlighted the creative prowess of the builders involved. This laid a solid foundation for the anticipation surrounding Season Two.


Introducing Roland Sands: A Pioneer in Custom Bike Building

From Racing to Custom Bikes

Roland Sands, a former professional motorcycle racer, transitioned into the world of custom bike building in 2005. His move from the racetrack to the workshop marked the beginning of a new era in his career. Sands is known for his innovative designs and high-performance custom bikes, which have garnered a significant following.

Building a Brand

Over the years, Sands has not only built custom bikes but also launched numerous clothing, riding gear, and design brands. His influence extends beyond the custom biking community, making him one of the most recognized names in the industry, second only to the Teutuls of “American Chopper” fame.

The Focus of Season Two: High-Performance Indian Scout

Drawing Inspiration from Racing History

For Season Two of the documentary, Roland Sands draws inspiration from Indian Motorcycle’s rich racing history. A notable figure in this history is Ed Kretz, who won the inaugural Daytona 200 on an Indian Scout. This historical achievement serves as a foundation for Sands’ new build.

Designing a High-Performance Machine

Sands has a proven track record of transforming Indian’s V-twin bikes into high-performance racing machines. His previous work on the Indian FTR1200 racers, which competed in the AMA Super Hooligan class, showcases his expertise in building bikes that excel on the racetrack. This experience will undoubtedly influence his approach to the new Indian Scout build.

The Vision for the Indian Scout

The goal for this build is clear: to create one of the best handling and fastest modern-day Scouts. Sands and his team are channeling their extensive experience and creativity to push the boundaries of what an Indian Scout can achieve. This project promises to be a showcase of engineering excellence and innovative design.

Other Exciting Builds in Forged Season 2

Brittney Olsen: A Champion Racer’s Perspective

In addition to Roland Sands’ build, “Forged Season 2” will feature a custom project by Brittney Olsen, a champion American racer. Olsen brings her unique perspective and racing expertise to the series, offering viewers a glimpse into her approach to customizing an Indian motorcycle.

Unique Custom Cycles: Swedish Ingenuity

For the first time in the series, a project from outside North America will be featured. Renowned Swedish builders, Unique Custom Cycles, will present their custom build. This addition brings a fresh and international flavor to the series, highlighting the global appeal of Indian Motorcycles and the universal language of custom bike building.

Anticipation and Impact of the New Series

Building on Success

The anticipation for “Forged Season 2” is high, given the success and impact of the first season. Fans of the series are eager to see how Roland Sands and the other builders will push the limits of customization and performance. The inclusion of diverse perspectives from both American and international builders adds to the excitement.

Engaging the Audience

The documentary series is not just about showcasing custom builds; it’s about engaging the audience with the stories and processes behind these creations. By following the builders through their journeys, viewers gain a deeper understanding of the artistry and craftsmanship involved in custom bike building.

The Broader Impact on the Custom Bike Scene

The “Forged” series plays a significant role in the custom bike scene, inspiring builders and enthusiasts worldwide. It highlights the potential of Indian motorcycles as a canvas for creativity and performance, encouraging more people to explore the possibilities of customization.

Conclusion: The Legacy of “Forged”

As “Forged Season 2” unfolds, it promises to build on the legacy of its predecessor while introducing new and exciting elements. Roland Sands, with his rich history in both racing and custom bike building, is set to deliver a high-performance Indian Scout that will captivate audiences. Alongside him, Brittney Olsen and Unique Custom Cycles will add their unique touches, making this season a must-watch for any motorcycle enthusiast.

Stay tuned to Indian Motorcycle Europe’s YouTube channel to follow the series and witness the transformation of the Indian Scout into a high-performance masterpiece.

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