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Get ready to rev up with Benelli’s 2024 lineup, hitting the US with a bang! From the rugged trails to city streets, Benelli’s got something for everyone. Dive into the adventure with the TRK 702 series, offering both off-road and street-smart models without breaking the bank. Don’t miss the crowd-favorite TRK 502X, the perfect mid-displacement adventure bike that’s all about value.

Retro lovers, rejoice with the Imperiale 400, a nod to classic biking with a modern twist. For the urban warriors, the 302S is your streetfighter, blending sporty looks with nimble performance. And for those looking for maximum fun at minimum cost, the TNT135 is the ultimate pocket rocket.

Plus, sneak peeks from EICMA 2023 hint at even more excitement coming your way. Benelli’s making waves with quality, affordability, and sheer riding pleasure. Gear up for a thrilling ride in 2024 with Benelli!


Benelli’s 2024 Lineup Rocks the US Market

Hey, motorcycle fans! Have you caught wind of Benelli’s latest move? They’re charging into the 2024 US market with some serious game. This Chinese-owned Italian stallion is bringing a fresh batch of bikes that are all about big value without the big price tag. Let’s dive into what Benelli has in store for us, from adventure seekers to street cruisers, and even those who love the classics.

The Adventurous Soul: Benelli TRK 702 Series

For those bitten by the adventure bug but keeping an eye on the budget, Benelli’s TRK 702 is your call to the wild. Competing head-on with big names like Yamaha Tenere 700 and Aprilia Tuareg 660, the TRK 702 doesn’t skimp on goodies.

It comes in two flavors: the TRK 702X, ready to tackle the rough with more off-road prowess, and the TRK 702 Street, for those long, winding road trips. Both are powered by a gutsy 698cc parallel-twin engine and boast cool tech like a full-color TFT display, ride modes, and Bluetooth connectivity. Price-wise, the TRK 702X is a steal at $8,499, and the Street version is even more of a bargain at $7,899.

The Trailblazer: Benelli TRK 502X

Not forgetting the bike that’s been a crowd-pleaser worldwide, the Benelli TRK 502X continues to charm the US market. It’s the go-to for riders looking for a reliable mid-displacement adventure bike that won’t break the bank. Priced at just $6,699, it’s a solid pick against competitors like the Honda NX500, offering great value for anyone looking to explore without spending a fortune.

Retro Cool: Benelli Imperiale 400

For those who dig a retro vibe, the Benelli Imperiale 400 is a throwback to the laid-back, classic era of motorcycling. Inspired by the 1950s Motobi Imperiale, crafted by one of the Benelli brothers, this bike is all about simplicity and charm. With a 21 horsepower single-cylinder engine, it’s not about speed but cruising in style. At $4,899, it’s set to take on the Royal Enfield Classic 350 in the classic bike showdown.

Urban Warrior: Benelli 302S

Enter the 302S, Benelli’s answer to the lightweight naked streetfighter category. This bike stands out with its 360-degree parallel-twin engine, offering a robust powerband and that much-loved low-end torque. Competing with the Yamaha MT-03 and CFMoto 300NK, the 302S brings sporty looks and nimble performance to the urban jungle for an MSRP of $4,799.

The Fun-Size Fighter: Benelli TNT 135

Last but certainly not least, the Benelli TNT135 is the pocket rocket of fun. This mini-bike packs a 13 horsepower punch with a 135cc engine and is all about zipping around town with a grin. Priced to sell at $3,199, it undercuts the Honda Grom, making it the go-to for budget-friendly thrills.

EICMA 2023 Sneak Peek

Benelli didn’t just stop with their US lineup; at EICMA 2023, they teased some exciting models, including sportbikes and the BKX300 adventure bike. Though it looks like we’ll have to wait until 2025 to see these in the US, it’s clear Benelli is not slowing down anytime soon.

Wrapping Up

Benelli’s 2024 lineup for the US market is a clear signal that they’re serious about delivering quality, feature-packed motorcycles that won’t empty your wallet. Whether you’re an off-road adventurer, a classic bike lover, or just looking for a fun and affordable way to zip around town, Benelli’s got something for you. It’s an exciting time to be a motorcycle enthusiast, and Benelli is making sure of that. Keep your helmets ready, because 2024 is going to be a ride to remember with Benelli!

Hey, bike enthusiasts and thrill-seekers! Don’t just sit there; it’s time to kickstart your adventure with Benelli’s electrifying 2024 lineup! Whether you’re dreaming of off-road escapades, city slicking, or cruising in retro style, Benelli has rolled out the red carpet just for you. Imagine tearing up the trails on the rugged TRK 702 series or weaving through urban landscapes on the sleek 302S.

Perhaps you’re longing for the nostalgia of the Imperiale 400 or seeking the pure, adrenaline-pumping fun of the TNT135. Whatever your vibe, Benelli’s got your back with bikes that blend killer looks, top-notch tech, and prices that’ll have you doing a double-take.

But why just dream? This is your call to the open road, your invitation to join a community where passion meets pavement. Don’t let another mundane moment pass you by.

Dive into the Benelli experience and find your perfect ride. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or just getting started, there’s never been a better time to embrace the journey. Get ready, get set, and let Benelli take you on an adventure that’s bound to be unforgettable. Your ride awaits – grab the keys to your future thrill today!

Benelli 2024 Lineup FAQs: Let’s Get Chatty!

Q: Can the Benelli TRK 702 really handle off-road adventures?
A: Absolutely! The TRK 702X is like your rugged best friend who’s always up for an adventure. With its off-road focus, it’s ready to tackle dirt, gravel, and whatever else you throw at it. So, yes, gear up and get ready for some epic off-road action!

Q: Is the Benelli Imperiale 400 just about looks, or does it have some go too?
A: It’s not just a pretty face! The Imperiale 400 might have that classic, retro charm, but it’s also got a heart that beats strong. With a 21 horsepower engine, it’s all about cruising smoothly and soaking in the vibes. It’s got the go to match the show!

Q: Will the Benelli 302S keep up with city traffic and weekend rides?
A: You bet! The 302S is your street-smart sidekick, nimble and quick enough to zip through city traffic and absolutely fun for those weekend joyrides. It’s the perfect blend of sporty and practical.

Q: How does the Benelli TNT135 stack up against the Honda Grom?
A: Think of the TNT135 as the fun-loving, budget-friendly alternative to the Grom. With its peppy 135cc engine and lower price point, it’s all about maximizing fun without draining your wallet. It’s a tough little contender in the mini-bike arena!

Q: Are Benelli bikes reliable? I’m kinda new to this brand.
A: Welcome aboard! Benelli has been making quite the name for itself with a focus on quality, innovation, and value. Riders around the globe are giving thumbs up for their reliability and performance. Plus, with the backing of a global network, you’re in good hands.

Q: Will those EICMA 2023 teased bikes ever make it to the US?
A: We’re all crossing our fingers! While it’s a wait-and-see game for the 2025 model year, Benelli has a knack for surprising us. Keep your eyes peeled and your gear ready; exciting things are always on the horizon with Benelli.

Q: What if I’m torn between models? Help!
A: No worries! Think about what kind of riding you’ll be doing most. Are you an urban explorer, an off-road adventurer, or a laid-back cruiser? Once you’ve got that sorted, consider your budget and any specific features you can’t live without. And remember, test rides are a great way to feel out what’s right for you.

Got more questions? Don’t be shy! Drop us a line or swing by your nearest dealer. Let’s make your two-wheeled dreams a reality with Benelli’s 2024 lineup. See you on the road!

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