Full-system exhausts offer many benefits. They’re usually lighter than a slip-on, have a more aggressive sound, and typically have a more aggressive design as well. 

But despite all of these benefits, they’re usually too expensive for many people. 



You can’t buy a complete system unless you have deep pockets—which is where the SC-Project releases CR-T Slip-On Exhaust for 2021 BMW S 1000 R comes in.

The Italian exhaust specialist is now bringing a new slip-on for the BMW S 1000 R  in titanium and carbon fibre. This new  SC-Project  CR-T Slip-On Exhaust for the  BMW S 1000 R offers better style and performance.

Given that the S 1000 R is one of the fastest, most powerful naked bikes on the market, it’s no surprise that many S 1000 R owners are looking for performance upgrades. 


Slip-on exhaust systems offer precisely this kind of upgrade. They decrease weight, increase sound levels, and provide engine power performance gains. 

The SC-Project CR-T Slip-On Exhaust has been intelligently designed for the BMW S 1000 R. 

This slip-on system is part of S.C. Project’s C.R.T. line of exhaust systems — a lineup developed to improve performance and increase the sound level of street bikes.

Let’s see what SC-Project has to say about this slip-on.

“The CR-T muffler is the unmistakable signature of the Racing style of SC-Project. Created Multiple Moto2 World Champion was to satisfy the best Teams and Riders. Designed and developed to give a sporty racing character to your BMW S 1000 R with a deep and dark Sound is unique in the aftermarket silencer panorama. 

The iconic muffler is available in variants Titanium or Carbon with Titanium mesh on the exit muffler. 

To achieve the best performance, the CR-T comes built with materials derived from the aeronautical industry, such as Titanium or Carbon fiber, with dedicated treatment to withstand the highest temperatures. 

Bracket welding and fitting with T.I.G. technology. The insert bushings are machined from solid by C.N.C. machines, which guarantee impeccable couplings “.

Titanium or Carbon-Fiber options arrive at 525 Euros($620). The slip-on is street legal and aligns to Euro5 norms.

Once you put on the slip-on as per SC-Project +0,6 hp @9400 rpm of power is added, there is an improvement in throttle response.

via SC-Project


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