Last November, Yamaha unveiled the new Tracer 9 and Tracer 9 GT 2021. We talked much about all the aspects of the bike, right from its powerplant to its chassis.

However, we did not talk much about its electronic package. In this article, we focus more on electronics.


In the new model, the displacement goes up by a good 42cc from 847cc to 889cc. 


It’s logical to say here that Yamaha has revised the engine and now aligns with the Euro5 norm. The motor comes with a brand new crankcase, camshafts or pistons.

The 889cc motor now makes 119hp at 10,000rpm, which is 4hp more compared to the earlier model.

An increase in the Torque by 5.5Nm with the previous model making 87.5Nm at 8,400 rpm and now current makes 93Nm at 7,000 rpm.

Thanks to the Yamaha engineers, the new exhaust and the motor is now lighter by 700 grams.



As per the Italian webmagazine Motociclismo . The new Tracer arrives with six inertial platforms, and it provides benefits to riders in multiple ways, whether it is wheelie control, traction control, ABS and more.

The new Tracer now gets the adjustable ABS in two ways, and one level does not have the cornering mechanism.

It is an official communication from Yamaha, and this also opens up Yamahas objective of giving control in the hands of the riders whether they want to use the advanced functionality.

When it comes to throttle, now you can adjust it in four levels. Plus, you also get cruise control.

Whereas the GT version arrives with many components and mechanisms like semiactive suspension, cornering light electronic gearbox and more.


The Brake Control System is controlled by the Hydraulic Control Unit (a separate unit from ECU), which modulates front and rear brake pressure based on data from the IMU and the front and rear wheel speed sensors.

 All three systems work together to help the rider concentrate on better extracting the machine’s potential. 

Each of the systems can also be turned on or off and have their levels of intervention adjusted to preference.

via Yamaha

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