Sport-touring motorcycles are some of the most versatile motorcycles we can buy. They have a balance of power, comfort, and stability that allows us to use them on any journey. 

While sport riding is still their core purpose, they’re perfect for long road trips too.

 Sport touring motorcycles like the Yamaha Tracer 9 GT offer just that.A smooth-riding bike that feels equally comfortable on a winding road as it does cruising down the highway.




The Tracer 9 GT is Yamaha’s adventure tourer suited for everyday use. This motorcycle was designed to be used daily but also to go on long-distance trips. 

Yamaha wanted to give the Tracer 9 GT a racy sporty look without compromising. The comfort and practicality of a real adventure touring motorcycle.


Ingeniously, the Tracer 9 GT now arrives with a contrasting set of Akrapovic exhausts. Along with a host of other beneficial additions. 

More notable is the ability to dramatically enhance the motorcycle’s performance by a fair margin.Which is a definite bonus for those who demand more from their bikes. 


As expected, the new cans are only available in either carbon fibre or titanium variations. But they are both made to offer a smoother exhaust note than before.

Tracer GT

Even though this is not the first Tracer to feature an Akrapovič exhaust system. 

The particular Tracer GT with its larger engine and broader torque curve needs a bespoke design to unleash its full potential. 


The Akrapovič engineers have been busy developing the new Racing Line system for the current model.

Which features an aluminium muffler with carbon-fibre end caps.Titanium headers with 50mm diameter primary tubes. Tips made of titanium flat sheet with a diameter of 100mm.

Magnesium bracket bolted to a mirror-polished stainless steel bracket that allows an adjustable position of the silencer.


Two new exhausts

There are two exhausts that Akrapovic has come for Tracer GT, and they are 

  • Racing Line (Titanium) S-Y9R13-HAPT and 
  • Racing Line (Carbon) S-Y9R14-APC

What do they do?

Racing Line(Titanium) adds power+1.5 kWat 10000 rpm torque +1.3 Nm.

The Racing Line (Carbon ) adds +3.3 kWat 9600 rpm torque +3.4 Nmat 9650 rpm and reduces weight by -2.2 kg.

via Akrapovic


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