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Limited edition

Akrapovič is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year and marking this momentous occasion. The Slovenian exhaust specialists release a minimal edition, which will only be available in 30 individually numbered pieces.

The Evolution Line (Titanium) 30th Anniversary exhaust system for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja ZX-10RR will be a one-off special as part of the Akrapovič celebrations.

The exclusive product comes with an engraved Akrapovič logo and number in a series of 30. Each exhaust will come with a special certificate to verify its exclusivity and rarity.


Akrapovič has racing DNA had run through the company since the early days when Igor Akrapovič was racing. And tuning his bikes in his garage to achieve better performance.

In 1991, he began specialising in developing and producing exhaust systems for racing and sportbikes from a small workshop. He sowed the seeds of the Akrapovič company, which is now a worldwide name in both racing and retail.

Akira Yanagawa of the Kawasaki factory team won Akrapovič’s first world championship race when he took victory in a WorldSBK event in 1997.

And Jonathan Rea of the Kawasaki Racing Team celebrated. A record six-in-a-row world championship title in 2020 – all achieved using Akrapovič exhausts.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja ZX-10RR

These connections have led to Akrapovič creating this limited-edition exhaust for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja ZX-10RR.

The limited-edition exhaust for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R and Ninja ZX-10RR is a unique product to mark such a special occasion.

The Evolution Line (Titanium) 30th Anniversary exhaust system entirely constructed from lightweight high-grade titanium. With a titanium muffler outer sleeve, link pipe, and headers.

The outer sleeve will be black with a special golden front rosette. As seen on the specially prepared Akrapovič exhaust on Rea’s bike after winning his sixth consecutive title.

The tubes will be 0.9 mm thick, as used by the Kawasaki Racing Team on its WorldSBK bikes. And the system will also include CNC-machined special treated bushes, again as used in WorldSBK.

The headers will are coated for increased durability. And the whole system arrives with unique engraving and a handcrafted carbon-fibre end-cap.

The visual impact of the Evolution Line (Titanium) 30th Anniversary exhaust system is a significant factor for such an effective product.

However, the exhaust is about performance as style. And it certainly delivers on both counts.


It weighs 6.6 kg (56.4%), lighter than standard stock. The overall exhaust is very close relative to the Kawasaki Racing Team system in WorldSBK.

And the deep, pure racing sound that this limited-edition Evolution Line (Titanium) 30th Anniversary emits indeed enhances the system’s sporty heritage.

Power and torque levels increase through the exhaust, with gains of 8.2 kW (11.1 hp) at 8,550 rpm.

And 13.4 Nm at 3,600 rpm in back-to-back tests on the Akrapovič in-house dyno with the standard stock exhaust system for comparison.

Due to the sporty and racing nature of the system, remapping is mandatory because the intention is for closed-course competition use only.

For tracks with a noise limit, a noise insert comes supplied to allow owners to ride at most venues.

The 30-year limited edition Evolution Line (Titanium) 30th Anniversary exhaust system for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R. And Ninja ZX-10RR fits the occasion.

The looks, performance, and sound are at the forefront of motorcycle exhaust technology. Whether used for its intended purpose or displayed on a wall, it is undoubtedly a collector’s worth.

via Akrapovic

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