The renowned Ola Electric Company indicated its upcoming plan of installing charging points to all the electric two-wheeler customers across the country.

Hypercharger Network

The Ola Hypercharger Network will spread across India. The company has an ambitious target to set up more than 1 lakh charging points in 400 cities of India.


Ola Hypercharger considered the fastest charging system for Ola electric scooter and two-wheelers will spread across India.

The two-wheeler manufacturer claims the upcoming Ola scooter can be charged up to 50% in 18 minutes and within a distance of 75 kilometres.

In a dense business area, customers can track the charging process through the Ola Electric app.

You can use the same application to pay for fees, in addition to the Ola Hypercharger network. Ola will also provide home chargers, and they will be fast chargers.

The fast-charging network and home chargers should be able to solve buyers’ concerns about mileage.

In the press statement for the upcoming Ola Scooter, the Ola company informed the model manufactured in Tamil Nadu, India, would be unveiled this summer.

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