OLA has unveiled the teaser of their first electric scooter.OLA will unveil this scooter in the coming few months.

On its Facebook handle yesterday, OLA also showcased the video of its plant and said.


“Presenting our vision of the Ola FutureFactory! The most significant two-wheeler factory in the world with 10M units per year. 

The most advanced with over 3000 robots and the most sustainable with carbon negative operations and over 100 acres of forest on site. 

Once built, the factory will have a scooter ready every 2 seconds! It is a big step forward in our mission to achieve sustainable mobility for the world!”

The name of the scooter is Etergo’s Appscooter. Since its acquisition of Finish company, OLA is going aggressive.

Coming back to the electric scooter, it OLA electric scooter runs 240kms in a single charge. However, Indian models will arrive with 100kms in a single charge.

Further, the battery is removable. However, OLA doesn’t provide any details of the battery capacity.

OLA will build these electric scooters in their upcoming Tamil Nadu plant. And OLA has already provided us with a glimpse of the plant.

With this, OLA also has stong plans to export.


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