The sport version of ‘Mission Impossible’ was hanging from a rope on a Vespa scooter. 

The Austrian stuntman Günter Schachermayr has demonstrated his courage. And bravery by descending from the top of a 110m-high chimney in Slovakia with a Vespa S 150.

Günter Schachermayr, an Austrian born daredevil.Has performed a stunt conducted on a chimney in Slovakia.


 For the first time, Günter Schachermayr hauls up himself on ropes.And drives out of Vespa while he gets suspended 110 meters above the ground.

gunter-schachermayr-riding-vespa-down-chimney (1)

The daredevil

The stunt was dangerous, but Günter Schachermayr is known for his death-defying feats.

It is not a feat you would want to try at home or work. Raising your brand visibility is crucial to growing your business. And going the extra mile like Günter can be a great way to get yourself noticed by potential customers. 

He most likely didn’t do this stunt for marketing purposes.But it is an example of how doing something just a bit of risk can lead to some attention from the news media and the risk-taking community.

As we Schachermayr was riding a modified Vespa. And it took him between 35 seconds to a minute to slide down the chimney. 

Schachermayr said that he wanted to break the previous record to prove that such stunts can be safe. 

If you’re wondering whether or not this stunt ever killed anyone or how severe the injuries were.We are happy to report that no one has ever died in trying this. At least as far as we know.

However, some people have broken bones and even lost limbs as they slid down their chimneys. The worst injuries I was able to find had been black eyes and something called ‘soft tissue damage.

However, we could see Gunter riding safely down the 360 feet chimney. And we know he isn’t going to stop here.

via Günter Schachermayr


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