Segura Santana Sneakers

Segura Santana Sneakers: A Review

The evolution of motorcycle gear has been a journey. Brands like Segura have played pivotal roles in shaping the market with versatile and fashionable gear. Their newest addition, the Santana sneakers, is another testament to their commitment to safety without compromising style.

Design and Style:

Taking cues from the retro-inspired aesthetics of Segura’s lineup, the Santana sneakers exude a chic street style. It’s hard to believe these are motorcycle sneakers, let alone ones packed with safety features.


Material and Construction:
The sneaker is a medley of microfiber and polyester blend, striking a balance between lightweight and durability. This combination guarantees a certain level of abrasion resistance. In addition, the waterproof membrane is a fantastic touch, ensuring dryness in unpredictable weather.

Ease of Use:
Incorporating the lace-up closure synonymous with sneakers, the Santana doesn’t stop there. The side zipper and pull tab are brilliant design elements, making the process of wearing or removing the shoes effortless.

Safety Features:

Segura has not skimped on safety:

  • Reinforcements: Concealed reinforcements on the toe and heel sections ensure maximum protection.
  • Protection Against Forces: The sneakers come equipped to handle crushing and torsional forces.
  • Visibility: Reflective inserts are a boon for nighttime or low-light rides.

The EN 13634 safety standard certification further solidifies the credibility of the Santana sneakers in the motorcycle gear universe.

Customization and Availability:
Available in two striking colourways – black and camo – these sneakers cater to diverse style preferences. Additionally, the inclusion of two sets of laces and a lady version of the sneakers shows Segura’s intent to be inclusive.

Price Point:

At 169.99 Euros (approximately $179 USD), some might argue that the Santana is on the pricier side for sneakers. However, considering the multifunctional design, style, and safety features, it seems to be a justified investment.

Pros of Segura Santana sneakers:

  • Stylish and fashionable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Abrasion-resistant and waterproof
  • CE-certified protection
  • Affordable price

Cons of Segura Santana sneakers:

  • Not as durable as traditional motorcycle boots
  • May not be suitable for all types of riding (e.g., off-road riding)

Final Verdict:
The Segura Santana sneakers are a confluence of fashion and functionality. They’re proof that riders don’t have to compromise style for safety. Whether you’re an urban rider or someone who prefers the streets, the Santana has something to offer. Highly recommended for those who value a blend of aesthetics, comfort, and safety in their ride gear.

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