SEMA 2023 Highlights: Nissan's Safari Rally Z Tribute and the Datsun 240Z Revival

SEMA 2023

SEMA, the premier automotive speciality products trade event, often sees car makers and custom builders presenting their most imaginative and innovative creations. One such intriguing trend that’s been gaining traction is the “safari” style build, a blend of classic aesthetics with rugged off-roading capabilities. This year, Nissan’s homage to its motorsport heritage with the Safari Rally Z Tribute and a replica Datsun 240Z Safari rally car stands as a testament to this trend.

Nissan and Datsun 240Z

Paying homage to its past with builds like a Safari Rally Z Tribute and a replica Datsun 240Z Safari rally car shows how Nissan values its racing lineage. The Datsun 240Z, in particular, is an iconic vehicle that’s beloved by many car enthusiasts, and it’s exciting to hear that it’s being celebrated in this manner.

The trend toward rugged, safari-style builds has been gaining traction for a while. It combines the allure of classic car aesthetics with the adventurous spirit of off-roading. This style brings together the best of both worlds: a vehicle that looks great and is also built to tackle a variety of terrains.


Safari Rally Z Tribute

SEMA has always been a platform for car makers and custom builders to showcase their creativity and craft, and it’s always intriguing to see how they reimagine classic cars or introduce new concepts. The “safari” trend is just one of many that allow automotive enthusiasts to reimagine the potential of vehicles, both old and new.

Motorsport heritage and Automotive trends

Nissan’s reveal at SEMA 2023 seems to be a captivating blend of nostalgia and modern off-road capabilities, which should resonate with many car aficionados. It’s always refreshing to see manufacturers paying homage to their history while embracing current automotive trends.


Nissan’s reveal at SEMA 2023 is a testament to the enduring appeal of classic car aesthetics married to modern off-road capabilities. In honouring its racing lineage while staying attuned to contemporary automotive trends, Nissan showcases how the past can seamlessly meld with the present, offering automotive enthusiasts a captivating blend of nostalgia and innovation.

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