Royal Enfield has never been one to shy away from a gamble. A case in point is their vibrant and strikingly original colour palette for their new concept. Well, now we have our first glimpse of what’s coming next. Royal Enfield has recently tested a 650cc café racer on the Indian roadways, and that colour palette is just too good!

If you’re anything like us, the amount of tracking updates on our favourite Indian motorcycle manufacturers’ social media channels can be a little bit overwhelming. 

Sometimes, you probably don’t even have time to read them all but miss out on something interesting. That’s why we think it’s cool that Royal Enfield uses these channels to share updates about their upcoming bikes and concepts.


Today, another new Royal Enfield is making its way through the company’s test facilities. Spied on the Indian roads, this one’s called the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650, and it looks like it’s a step closer to production.

Mad scientist look

As seen in these pictures on Indian streets (taken by ZigWheels), this bike has a lot of “mad scientist” appeal. Even if you take a cursory look at these pictures, you can be pretty sure that this might not be connected to any existing offerings from Royal Enfield. Read on to find out why we think so!

It is a photo of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 from the factory. Zigwheels were spotted testing on Indian roads, and it also seems that this new bike will be sold and marketed in India as part of the “Shotgun” range. 

You probably should be if you aren’t familiar with Royal Enfield’s SG650 Concept. This 650 cc concept was introduced to the world at EICMA 2021 and is expected to be incubated into production pretty soon, so excitement is building over the chance that it could become an official part of the lineup by 2023! 

Now, it looks like this model will be available in more than one guise—and one of these new versions has been spotted undergoing testing on Indian soil!

Concept and Production

The concept and the production model look similar, at least the side panels, headlight, and fenders are the same.

We know the Motorcycle marque is responsible for keeping some exciting bikes on the road – an attribute that is decidedly worth supporting. 

That’s precisely what Royal Enfield has done since it started making motorbikes in India again, allowing it to launch several great-looking 650 Twins over the years. 

The new Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 is unique simply because it’s a lot more modern looking than some of its predecessors—kind of like the Bullet and Continental GT were when they came out a few years ago.

The spied production model also gets the upside-down fork up front. And the bike also has ByBre brakes on the front and rear. At the same time, the engine may be the 650cc twin. However, we may have to wait and watch.

Wait and watch the game

It appears that the bike has the conventional layout with its engine positioned at the centre of the motorcycle and its frame made out of steel. There also seems to be quite a bit of difference in opinions on how they might set up the layout.

We need to wait and watch.

via Zigwheels


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