Norton has unveiled its V4SV. With a 72-degree 1200cc V4 engine featuring titanium valves. And churning 187.5hp at 12,500rpm and 125Nm of torque at 9,000rpm. It has more than enough firepower to back up its stunning looks.
This new bike will be a feast for the eyes of lovers of exquisite mechanical engineering, as well as those who love fast bikes.
If you think the figures speak for themselves and this motorcycle is tough, stylish and handsome — wait till you are sitting astride it going down the highway at 160kmph. It can pull over 3Gs in every kind of corner while accelerating with tremendous force.
It arrives in two variants – Manx Silver and Carbon. However, the visual features are common to both including full carbon fibre bodywork and a Union Jack on the tail.
However, you may just want to check its price which is whopping 9000 pounds. More compared to the Ducati V4 SP2 having a sticker price of £35,000.

On this occasion Dr Robert Hentschel, CEO of Norton Motorcycles said

We are excited to announce the launch of our re-engineered V4SV. Inspired by Norton’s 100 years of racing prowess and success at the Isle of Man TT. The new V4SV will be the only British-designed and built superbike in production in the UK.

The launch of the V4SV is a huge milestone and yet it marks just the first step in our exciting plan for Norton. “Two years ago, Norton inherited the V4. A bike imagined on the track but born for the road. A bike that promised to blend poise, performance, and power.

Over the last 18 months, we have worked tirelessly putting this machine through our new world-class facilities in Solihull. To proudly deliver on our promise to Norton owners.
Thanks to TVS investing £100 million in Norton. And us subsequently investing wisely in our engineering processes and brand-new manufacturing base. We have ensured barely a part hasn’t been improved on from the bike we inherited.” 
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