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The 2024 Suzuki Katana seems to be an interesting offering for the US market. Here’s a summary and breakdown of what we’ve learned:


  • Limited release for the US market.
  • Reservations are exclusive through local Suzuki dealers until October 20, 2023.
  • Reservations are on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Features Metallic Matte Stellar Blue paint.
  • Gold anodized front fork and matching wheels.

Performance and Technical Features:

  • Powered by the 999cc engine from the GSX-R 1000.
  • Stronger torque in low- to mid-range, aided by Suzuki’s new ride-by-wire electronic throttle bodies.
  • Engine updates: cam chain tensioner and tension adjuster, new camshaft profiles, new valve springs, and a revised engine finish.
  • Equipped with the latest version of Suzuki’s Clutch Assist System.
  • Includes an up-and-down quick shifter.
  • Incorporates Suzuki’s Intelligent Ride System (SIRS) with three ride modes, five traction control modes, easy start, and low RPM assist.
  • The exhaust system has been redesigned, featuring a mid-chamber with a second catalytic converter making it simpler to install an EPA-compliant aftermarket slip-on exhaust can.

Special Bonuses:

  • Two full years of complimentary service on the 2024 Katana for US riders.
  • A 24-inch by 24-inch digital lithograph of a Makoto Endo Katana illustration, originally seen in Cycle World magazine, is provided to those who purchase the bike.


  • The MSRP stands at $13,879.
  • The Suzuki Katana is described as a neo-retro sportbike, though this term is seen as somewhat reductive given the Katana’s unique style.


This release from Suzuki offers a blend of modern technological advancements with a touch of nostalgia in its appearance, reflecting Katana’s legacy. The bonus offers, particularly the complimentary service and the Endo Katana illustration, add value for enthusiasts and collectors.

The price seems reasonable for its features and the brand’s reputation, though, as the article mentions, the final call on its value rests with potential buyers based on individual preferences. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast or someone who values the Katana’s storied past, this might be a release worth considering.



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