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MV Agusta’s decision to change the name of the Lucky Explorer to “Enduro Veloce” is likely driven by several factors:

  1. Branding Consistency: MV Agusta has a naming convention in place, as evident in models like the “Turismo Veloce,” which reflects the purpose or style of the bike. By changing the name to “Enduro Veloce,” they are aligning it more closely with their established naming pattern, making it clearer to customers what type of bike it is.
  2. Dissociation from Sub-Brand: The Lucky Explorer name was associated with a sub-brand within MV Agusta. By using the Enduro Veloce name, they bring the model under the MV Agusta main brand, which can strengthen the overall brand identity.
  3. Clarity of Purpose: The new name, “Enduro Veloce,” clearly communicates that this is an adventure bike designed for off-road and touring purposes. This helps potential buyers immediately understand the intended use of the motorcycle.
  4. Market Positioning: MV Agusta has primarily been known for roadsters and sports bikes. By introducing an adventure bike with the Enduro Veloce name, they are signalling their entry into the adventure motorcycle segment, emphasizing its off-road capabilities.
  5. Special Editions: The mention of “first editions” with added features for early adopters suggests that MV Agusta may be looking to create excitement and exclusivity around the initial release of the Enduro Veloce, potentially attracting enthusiasts and collectors.
  6. EICMA 2024: The reference to something special at EICMA 2024 hints at MV Agusta’s commitment to unveiling the Enduro Veloce and possibly other new models or innovations, further solidifying their presence in the motorcycle market.

The decision to change the name to “Enduro Veloce” appears to be a strategic move by MV Agusta to streamline their branding, clarify the bike’s purpose, and make it a more integral part of its product lineup. This move could help them expand their customer base and compete in the adventure motorcycle segment.


MV Agusta’s decision to rename the Lucky Explorer to “Enduro Veloce” is a strategic choice aimed at enhancing brand consistency, clarifying the bike’s intended purpose, and strengthening its position in the market. By aligning the name with its established naming convention, dissociating from a sub-brand, and emphasizing the off-road capabilities, MV Agusta aims to attract adventure motorcycle enthusiasts and broaden its customer base.


Additionally, the mention of special editions and plans for EICMA 2024 signals the brand’s commitment to creating excitement and innovation in the motorcycle industry. Overall, the renaming reflects MV Agusta’s strategic vision and its desire to make a significant impact in the adventure motorcycle segment.


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