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How Bimota Tesi H2 is constructed?

Surprise Surprise. Well, not anymore in one of the most significant collaborations in the history between two great motorcycle manufacturers. One builds the Italian cult motorcycles Bimota, and the other is Japan’s Iconic brand, Kawasaki. Kawasaki has now 49.9 percent shares in Bimota, and unlike all the Supercharged H2’s, Kawasaki has provided its technical support to produce […]Read More

How motorcycles are connected every time with everything.

Motorcycles get connected every time and with everything.  Packaging Design of the Premium Dry Gin “The Archaeologist ” is a live example.The idea of connecting spirit is not only novel but something that isn’t heard occasionally.  Especially what Uwe Ehinger has done here. Novel Idea  What makes this idea more novel, as you can see, is motorcycle […]Read More

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