Motorcycles get connected every time and with everything. 

Packaging Design of the Premium Dry Gin “The Archaeologist ” is a live example.The idea of connecting spirit is not only novel but something that isn’t heard occasionally. 

Especially what Uwe Ehinger has done here.


Novel Idea 

What makes this idea more novel, as you can see, is motorcycle connected with spirit. Or instead, motorcycle components are connected.

The Product Design and Packaging Design of the Premium Dry Gin “The Archaeologist “is the first spirit of its kind. Thus, it’s filled in bottles together with original engine parts of legendary Harley Davidson bikes.

As motorbike archaeologist Uwe Ehinger discovered someplace over the world . 1939 Flathead camshafts from the Mexican desert.

1947 Knucklehead screw-nuts from Chile or .1962 Panhead rocker arms from South Korea. To each of these iconic machines, Ehinger dedicates a very own sort of tribute, that is Gin.

They are bottled together with the machine parts and labeled each bottle with the mind-boggling story of the part’s origin.

 Every element of the hand-made packaging consists of colors and materials that are in the 30s and 40s. Isn’t it a novel idea?

Studio Oeding 

Based in Hamburg, Germany is Studio Oeding. Founder and MD, Katrin Oeding, drives this studio.She is a multidisciplinary designer who has won more than 300 awards.

She is a designer with petrol in her blood . So it is only logical that she is the co-founder of the motorcycle brand Ehinger Kraftrad.
                                                                                               Katrin Oeding

Katrin is founder of the motorcycle sprint marketing Essenza – The Essence of Motorcycles.

Studio Oeding is a master of multiple competencies like. Brand Strategy, Corporate Design, Interface Design, Packaging Design, and more.

The Studio 

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