Entire Portfolio of KTM, GASGAS, and Husqvarna

 Entire Portfolio of KTM, GASGAS, and Husqvarna

In the KTM, GASGAS and Husqvarna portfolio, there are many models that we haven’t seen before. GASGAS is also a street model.

The parent company of KTM has released materials for investors.

The parent company of KTM has released the materials for investors quite a while ago. How does the group company look like this? KTM market share and more. It is rising right.

It looks like electric bikes are to arrive in the future: 125cc segment and more. 

The license is present, and it is for public roads. However, Speaking of which, electric DUKE and spy shots are present. Husqvarna electric motorcycles and scooters also appear. 

CHETAK is a brand of electric motorcycles by the bajaj. You can buy them at Indian KTM dealers. So, the new model of the KTM group arrives in a normal mode.

Future new models of KTM

We also child models in the KTM Portfolio.

790 or 890 series SMT or GT-like model?

Who is the child in the SUPERMOTO / DUAL PURPOSE column? It looks like 790 or 890 in the engine. No under guard. Is it a GT system? For SMT Spy shot is present?

Is it a new RC390? This is the new RC390 series where spy shots are also taken.

Although various spy shots were taken, it is probably going to be commercialized with this figure.

New models of KTM

Models without blur will be announced relatively soon, will the blur models be still ahead? Competition

490 series

We mentioned that this 500cc twin model would be produced in India, so that is it. Adventure, off-road? , DUKE, RC seems to come out.

890 series

890 is a 790-based middle para twin. We know there are 890 adventures, but the question is there an 890 enduro model? Or an 890 Enduro Series.

SMC has spy shots, so we guess it is Enduro. At this moment, it is about 690 series, off-road. It is a model with the Paratwin; it is wide.


The adventure has been announced. By the way, DUKE will be remodelled in 2021. There are spy shots present.

Even with a single-cylinder model in India, it seems like an off-motor system. Spy shots are present, so maybe this is it.

Husqvarna’s future new and new models

This is an unknown paradise.


NORDEN is announced, and the commercial model is to be released, and spy shots are present.


We haven’t even seen the engine. It’s a new model for the new 500 Palatwin. There is a classic, but is it like a scrambler?

New Husqvarna models

Many Husqvarna models are present in the Husqavrna portfolio.


Ah, after all, 125, 250, 390 (401) series off-motor. When it comes to KTM, it is the same.

Then there are 501 in the off-motor section, so there are also para-twin 500 off-motors. It is a Japanese manufacturer.


This is an adventure type.

NORDEN is 890, but it seems to be an adventure system with a 500 para twin, 250, 390 single-cylinder engine.


Currently, there are only 390 and 250 in the VIPLEN and SVARTPILEN series, but it seems that 125 models will be available.

Many people have been waiting around here. Congratulations.


This is classic or scrambler type and is with multiple displacements. Looking at the figure.

  • 790or890
  • 490
  • 390
  • 125 or 250?

It is a common platform model, and it is easy to put out. Classic models 790 or 890. Is this a model that had been spied in the past? At that time, it was said that it was Svartpilen801.

Future new models from GASGAS

As we told you the other day, as you can see from the material at the top, GASGAS has also entered KTM.

New models of GASGAS

GASGAS has the typical image of having race model in their portfolio, but now looking at the current portfolio, it seems that a street model will also appear.


800 is there, so it’s the 790 series.790 seems to be naked and adventure.
The 250 is an Indian 250cc single-cylinder engine. Look and feel of the design are usually like this.

Not as sharp as the current DUKE. We feel like it is old DUKE. In terms of numbers, KTM is a super-oil maker. Husqvarna and GASGAS also use the 790 series, so they probably built factories in China. So that’s it.

By showing off the models that will come out in the future, they will continue to appeal to investors that they are always cool.

Now the future lineup is clarified, so consider KTM, Husk, and GASGAS. We note sure when these model will get unveiled, but will the unblurred model be announced. 

We don’t confirm within the next few years at the latest, these models will be announced.

Source : KTM, Husqvarna and GASGAS

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