In the latest news, CFMOTO has joined hands with KTM. KTM is famous for entering into global agreements. The largest is between Bajaj and KTM, in which Bajaj holds a share value of 49% that again made other multiple agreements to move the production in Asia.

  • Now KTM and CFMoto are building a plant in China.
  • There is already a joint venture in place between KTM and CFMoto.
  • Entire plant area is 24.88 acres (10.07 hectares).
  • The joint venture has a production base, test course, parking field (pool), R & D center, test & sales center.
  • With 500,000 as annual production capability.
  • One of the essential things is models that are going to get produced and designed in this plant.
  • CFMOTO started as an importer for KTM and later established a CKD business and a joint venture.

By the way, CFMOTO is a Chinese motorcycle company, and they do make small and medium-size displacement motorcycles.

It is a massive company in China. They also make SUVs besides bikes.


Construction of joint venture between KTM and CFMOTO to be completed in June 2020

  • The joint venture between KTM and CTM helps build the plan in China until June 2020.
  • We also see that KTM moves the mid-size displacement production in China.
  • Apart from these, the joint venture will help produce 10 models, including the CFMOTO, that has a 990cc LC8 engine.
  • CFMOTO already has the exclusive rights for KTM’s 990 LC8 engine)

These parallel-twin engines (LC8 is a V-twin)are to be sold in the Chinese market and also exported to Europe, America, Australia, and Southeast Asia in the form of CBUs.

They Exported to India and South America in the form of CKD (Complete Knockdown).

As we told you before, KTM is planning to produce a 500cc middle para twin.

So perhaps the middle class produced by the above Chinese factory is not 500 twins.

Speaking of KTM’s middle para-twin, it is about the LC8c engine used in the 790DUKE 790Adventure 890DUKE R Norden 901 .

But will this be a switch to production in China? The current situation is Austrian production. We thought that only the Chinese domestic market produced in China.

AlsoCBU exports globally, so maybe this model in the future replaced by Chinese production. Currently, it is not clear which model and destination model produced in China.

Recently, there are many patterns in which major European and American manufacturers collaborate with Chinese manufacturers to produce small and medium displacement models.

With Harley, BMW, MV Agusta in China? KTM and Triumph are like India. KTM is also in China.

Although it was the image that only Japanese manufacturers or local manufacturers from Southeast Asia are producing small displacements, overseas players are also participating one after another. 

Source : CFMOTO

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