BMW has teased another teaser after teaser no one just before 3 days. While in teaser one we could not see anything apart from hearing an exhaust and we were sure BMW was testing its upcoming motorcycle to be unveiled in upcoming EICMA.There are two motorcycles in the video that we could see in this current teaser.



LivingWithGravity’s Analysis

XR or DC Roadster is the question

DC Roadster Analysis. Why do we feel it is DC Roadster?

There are two things based on which the analysis is made

  • The original picture of DC Roadster compared with the picture that is been in the video in teaser number two.
  • Second, we can also analyze from the exhaust note when you hear it. It doesn’t sound like a normal exhaust note made by the combustion engine. It has to be electric the way it sounds.

Let’s look at the design of the DC Roadster that is as below and compare it with the picture that we caught on BMWs teaser number 2.

Picture One : Original DC Roadster Design

Picture 2: The picture caught from the teaser.

This is the picture that we caught. Now compare the area of an engine from Picture 1 with Picture 2 it does look the same. Second, see the area that is below the engine in Picture 1 and now compare it with Picture 2 well we could see that it is also the same.

The only thing different that we see is Blinkers in Picture 2 while we don’t see that in Picture 1. That does mean the Roadster may get the sleek Blinkers.

XR Analysis. Why do we feel it is XR?

Well if you see in the above picture in the teased version there are blinkers that we see on the bike. While the DC Roadster doesn’t have blinkers in the actual design and possibility of DC Roadster being so fast is less. Also, the CARB documents a few days ago suggested the model change in the 2020 XR variant.

But again the question is What has BMW teased? Time will tell.


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