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Honda to bring the new ‘CRF250L’ and ‘CRF250 Rally’

Honda has released information on the new “CRF250L” and “CRF250 RALLY” scheduled to be announced on November 13, 2020 (Friday) on its website in advance today. The CRF250L is based on the development concept of “Evolved * ON-OFF GEAR”.Which are a refinement of On (convenience of daily life) and Off (fun of holidays). All about the Honda […]Read More

More details on 2020 Honda CBR250R

New CBR250R to arrive soon. Here are its patents  “In the turn indicator mounting structure for a saddle-ride type vehicle, the load when an external force applies to the turn indicator is reduced.  The tilting range of the turn indicator gets widened, and the degree of freedom of the cowl shape becomes extensive.” “A direction […]Read More

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