Honda has released information on the new “CRF250L” and “CRF250 RALLY” scheduled to be announced on November 13, 2020 (Friday) on its website in advance today.

The CRF250L is based on the development concept of “Evolved * ON-OFF GEAR”.Which are a refinement of On (convenience of daily life) and Off (fun of holidays).


New CRF250L and CRF250 RALLY

Both bikes achieve high-level performance. Besides, the CRF250 RALLY has undergone a full model change along with the CRF250L.

Including a large windscreen with a high windshield effect, a large fuel tank. And irregularly shaped headlights, based on the development concept of “The Dakar Replica Weekend Adventurer”.

The engines of CRF250L and CRF250 RALLY have robust and tenacious output characteristics in the low and middle rpm range. By optimizing the intake and exhaust system from the air cleaner to the exhaust and muffler. 



Besides, the body is a newly designed frame that optimizes the rigidity balance and reduces weight. And the suspension is combined with front and rear suspensions that extend the stroke amount (compared to the conventional model).

And to improve the performance on the road the brakes come equipped with 2-channel ABS with independent front and rear wheels as standard equipment.

The design of the CRF250L follows the aggressive design of the competition motocross machine “CRF450R”. Adopting Extreme Red as the primary colour and newly adopting a thin LED headlight that expresses the lightness of the off-road model.


Dakar DNA

The CRF250 RALLY is a design that expresses the adventurous spirit of the “CRF450 RALLY”. And participates in the Dakar Rally with the same extreme red as the CRF250L as the primary colour. 

In addition to following the asymmetrical twin-lens LED headlights do produce a unique front view is more popular than before. The touring performance goes up as Honda expanded the fuel tank capacity. Similarly, fuel efficiency to goes up.

 Besides, the type with the extended suspension stroke of CRF250L and CRF250 RALLY is set.

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