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Pablo Baranoff Dorn’s brings his latest concept ” ANDES “

Pablo Baranoff Dorn is not new on the industrial designer scene. A few of his famous designs include the “WAYRA,” a rugged electric motorcycle as well concept Helmet. WAYRA Following the market ecology changes, batteries capacities, and allowed distances on electric energy. There were many factors that Pablo wanted to think and combine on an idea […]Read More

Truvor ” The Carbon Fibre Electric Scrambler ” with purpose

“Truvor,” the superlightweight electric Scrambler, is designed by Denzel Electric and Pablo Baranoff Dorn. Now, this is not the first design that comes from Pablo. In the past, he has designed a concept Helmet and electric bike concept called ” WAYRA. “ Why superlight because it just weights 65 – 75 kgs. Let’s get to the nitty-gritty of the […]Read More

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