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Should Honda bring a high-end litre-class Hypernaked?

Today’s question. Should Honda bring a high-end litre-class Hypernaked? The ideology of today’s Hypernaked is slightly different from other bikes. They are not faired. The engine is slightly tuned. The rider can sit more upright. Headlight intends to show meanness. They are fast and They may or may not come with a supercharged engine. There […]Read More

The man behind the Brush Monkey

We take a look at the man behind the name brush_monkey. Profile His name is Pranjal Das. He is 25, a graduate of NID Ahmedabad, furniture design by discipline, and is always into motorcycles.  He started his professional career at Honda R&D, India. Worked for 2.5 years there as a two-wheeler designer and recently moved […]Read More

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