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Ather teases its upcoming super scooter ‘450 X’

Ather’s Expansion Plan Immediately after Electric scooter maker Ather has made their expansion plans very clear. Ather has done by signing an (MOU ) memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Tamil Nadu government. The objective is to build a new plant and to scale Ather’s operations across the country. Also, another objective talks about Ather […]Read More

Upcoming Kawasaki Ninja H2 patents

There are rumors of the new Ninja H2, but either of these patents are to be utilized. Kawasaki injector patent “For engines that inject fuel toward the combustion chamber, further improvements in output are desired.” “Provide an engine that can improve output.” The engine E includes a cylinder 44 having a combustion chamber 45 formed […]Read More

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