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Is Yamaha VMAX on the verge of extinction?

Yamaha VMAX is the epitome of the motorcycle cruisers. The 1679cc powerhouse comes under the Sports Heritage segment of Yamaha. And now we can only see the 2020 model on the Yamaha USA website. Whereas in Europe (UK) or for that matter in Japan or Thailand. We don’t see the Yamaha VMAX in their respective lineups. […]Read More

Yamaha set to bring an all-new cruiser

Unlike Kawasaki , the news from Yamaha doesn’t seem to stop. And this time, the news is not about sports or the scrambler model. But it is all about the Cruiser model. Yamaha’s president Hidaka recently made there plans clear about there LMW MW-Vision. That is to arrive soon. However, we now see the patent for […]Read More

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