Tata Punch EV is starting to be spotted in public, giving us a glimpse of what to expect from this upcoming electric vehicle. The addition of rear disc brakes and an electronic parking brake are great safety features, which could also make their way to the petrol-powered Punch.

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Using a Nexon EV-type drive selector is also interesting, as this suggests that the Punch EV will have a similar drivetrain to Tata’s existing electric SUV. This could mean that the Punch EV will offer good performance and range, which will be important in the competitive electric vehicle market.




It’s worth noting the lack of a visible charging port suggests the Punch EV’s charger will be located in the fuel lid, a design approach that Tata has used for its other electric vehicles. This is a convenient location for the charger, as it allows for easy access and can help to maintain the sleek design of the car.

Due to its ALFA platform, Tata Punch can easily switch from an ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) setup to an electric layout. This could provide greater flexibility and agility for Tata Motors to adapt to changing market demands and regulations.


Regarding the interior of the Punch EV, it’s good to know that it will have some features borrowed from the Nexon EV Max, such as the electronic parking brake and drive selector. Including a 7-inch touchscreen is also a plus, although Tata may upgrade to a larger 10.25-inch touchscreen later.

Electric Punch is expected to go into production by June this year and could be launched around October. With the Ziptron powertrain and multiple battery sizes, Tata is trying to make the EV appeal to a broader range of customers.



It’s also interesting to note that the Punch is Tata’s second highest-selling car after the Nexon. It will be interesting to see how the EV version of the car performs in the market and if it can help boost Tata’s overall sales.

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Lastly, the expected price range of Rs 9.5 lakh-10.5 lakh is competitive and could make the Punch EV an attractive option for customers looking to switch to electric vehicles. It will be exciting to see how the car performs and if it can help accelerate EV adoption in India.

Image Source : Photulogy

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